Woman shares hack to remove limescale from taps - and it only costs 2p

A woman who was struggling to remove the build up of limescale around her taps has hailed a 2p hack for getting the job done.

Limescale can build up quickly around the kitchen sink and in our bathrooms, and the woman says she had tried products including The Pink Stuff to remove it but had no luck.

She turned to Facebook for advice, posting a picture of a kitchen tap to show limescale hardened onto the stainless steel, asking: "What's best to clean this off kitchen taps?"

Some people replied to suggest specialist shop-bought limescale remover, while others offered solutions including vinegar and lemon juice.

But a lot of people said the easier answer was to use a 2p coin to simply scrape off the build-up, as one said: "I found the 2 pence coin brilliant" and another agreed, instructing: "Just wet it and rub it on. You’ll be amazed."

Woman shares hack to remove limescale from taps - and it only costs 2p

With nothing to lose she gave it a go, sharing an update photo to show her tap sparkling again with no sign of the limescale she had previously been unable to budge, The Sun reports.

Thanking everyone who suggested the simple hack, she wrote: "Tried 2p coin and wow."

Cleaning fans previously raved about a different 2p hack, saying the coins are perfect for removing dirt and grime from baking trays to give them a new lease of life.

In a post to the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group, Louise Wright left people stunned with the results, writing: "I spend a fortune on baking trays because I buy the cheaper range and they don't last long being marked by tough cooking stains. But I tried the 2p trick going about and it worked.

"Rub a baking tray with the 2p and then wash as you would with daily dishes.

"It works, takes away the burnt marks left from baking/cooking. No more binning and replacing."

You can see the results here.

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