Woman drags up black sludge while cleaning the 'drain from hell' in her shower

Cleaning out a blocked drain can be a disturbing and disgusting experience.

But one woman has tackled what has to be the most awful one we've ever seen and shared the whole experience in a series of TikTok videos as she cleaned the 'drain from hell'.

In the videos shared by @sofresh.so.clean, she started by explaining that the drain was blocked and she wanted to unblock it while her boyfriend was at work.

"So, this is part one of me cleaning the drain from hell. My boyfriend and I noticed a clog last night so I figured I'd go ahead and take care of it while he was at work, so I unscrewed the top plate and it was nasty you guys," she explained.

On the surface the drain looked a bit gross but it was the actual drain where the real mess was.

"I read online that you can do baking soda and vinegar to help clear a drain, so I tried that first and the fizz actually didn't go down," she said.

"So, I had to go at it with a screwdriver, and then a back scratcher and then tongs."

She pulled out a few clumps of hair, but that wasn't all that was blocking it up.

"It was sludge and oh my God," she said. "Finally, I poured more vinegar in and it was just like black tar, and the only way I could get it to go down was a plunger."

Woman drags up black sludge while cleaning the 'drain from hell' in her shower

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The bottom of the shower was covered in black gunk and sludge that came up spewing out of the drain. It proved that something bad was clogging it up.

It was a huge process to clean up the shower. She detailed how she did it in parts two and three, which saw the sink sparkling and working like new.

Part one of the incredibly disgusting but satisfying series on TikTok has been watched over 2.6 million times.

People also flooded the video with comments, horrified about what came out of the drain.

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"That black gunk was completely unexpected omfg," commented one person.

"That went from 01—real quick," commented another.

One person wrote, "Um I think your drain might need an exorcism."

One TikToker offered some insight into the grime that came out: "My husband is a plumber and said the black sludge is residue from old cast iron pipes."

As gross as it is, it's definitely a satisfying series of videos to watch.

But our advice is if you're struggling with a seriously blocked drain, call a plumber so you don't risk doing any damage to your pipes.