Fall Fishing Thread

I grew up golfing and fishing so I had to learn how to respect both sides of the spectrum. A good way I always was able to fish the ponds was play a couple rounds at the course, get to know the guys in the pro shop, and ask to fish late afternoons after I would play. I almost never got turned down as long as I respected people passing through.

Fall Fishing Thread

My three largest bass I have ever caught have come from the 18th hole of the Kingsmill golf course. My fishing buddy worked there as maintenance as a summer job throughout high school so they would let us fish after 6-6:30 in the summer (best time to fish in the dog days anyway imo).

These were about three years ago and the course was closed that day so we were allowed on a little earlier:https://www.instagram.com/p/BF2erRQnDWLQr3mqJ-90Tx9fd4fKoXEsm_WrK80/

These aren't my largest from that pond, just a quick link to some of the fish I caught there.

All were caught on 10" Zoom Ol' Monster curly tail 'Gooseberry' color.