Colin and Justin: Green with envy

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Hey, whether you’re moving or staying put, it won’t do any harm to consider today’s counsel.Our clients, initially, had no intention of selling, though when they subsequently went to market, their realtor labelled their kitchen the very jewel that propelled value well beyond anticipated sales price.

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Colin and Justin: Green with envy

As part of a perfect real estate storm, our chaps received top dollar (and more) in a competitive bids situation, whilst their delighted buyer won the home of their dreams, and the prospect of joyous times ahead in the modernised space.Win-win, huh? Here’s how we cast our restorative spell…


We conspired a low-key redesign, one that opened the space to make better of the room’s proportions.But our first task was to obliterate the wedge shaped corner, a ‘design’ (*coughs) that effectively did nothing, save for compromising an already tight layout.So out it came, in favour of a crisp 90-degree return that improved the room’s functionality.