Best memory foam bath mat

Which memory foam bath mats are best?

Bath mats may seem like an optional item, but no bathroom is complete without one. Besides tying the room together for a more finished look, they keep the floor from becoming flooded with water. Bath mats simply make the bathroom a generally more pleasant place to be, both in and out of the shower.

Memory foam bath mats are even more comfortable to stand on than standard mats, providing a soft, comfortable place to step. The memory foam bath mat is a modern solution to an old problem. Our top pick for a memory foam bath mat is the Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat, a super absorbent, velvety bath mat that comes in a wide array of colors.

What to know before you buy a memory foam bath mat

There are many kinds of bath mats available, made of all kinds of materials. Memory foam comes with some advantages over other materials. It’s soft and supportive, so standing on memory foam can offer great relief to people with back or leg problems. It’s also absorbent, as well as comfortable, and lessens the risk of slipping on slick bathroom floors.

Most memory foam bath mats these days are machine washable, but it’s always best to check the label, as handwashing a bath mat can be difficult and time consuming. Also check to see if the mat can be machine dried instead of air dried. Machine drying bath mats can be time consuming and difficult, so air drying may be the best option even if the bath mat allows for it.

Make sure to look for a memory foam bath mat with a non-slip backing. Many will have either rubber or some other non-slip material on the back to hold the mat in place while in use. Look for a non-slip backing that works whether the mat is wet or dry. If your favorite memory foam mat doesn’t come with this type of backing, you can purchase non-slip pads separately that will help ensure your mat stays put.

What to look for in a quality memory foam bath mat

Many people want a bath mat that matches the general decor of their bathroom. Many commercially available bath mats come in a wide variety of colors. When deciding on a color, keep in mind how dirt will show. White or light-colored bath mats will need to be washed much more frequently than will darker mats.

Bath mats also come in a variety of sizes, from very small options for bathrooms with a tiny footprint to much larger ones. If you’re looking for specialty shapes, such as mats made to fit around a toilet or pedestal sink base, there are options for that, as well. When searching for mats in specialty shapes and sizes, look for a brand that offers all the options you need so the mats will all match.

Best memory foam bath mat

Most memory foam bath mats are covered with fabric for grip, aesthetics, and absorbency. Velvet is a common one, as are velour and plain woven materials. Most bath mats use a soft textile to provide a pleasant surface to stand on.

Keep in mind that cotton and other natural fibers are high quality, but dry slowly. Synthetics are quicker to dry but may deteriorate more quickly with repeated wash and use.

How much you can expect to spend on a memory foam bath mat

Memory foam bath mats can be found for as low as around $10 up to around $30.

Memory foam bath mat FAQ

A. Most memory foam bath mats are machine washable, usually on a cold cycle. Wash them in a load by themselves or with other mats. Depending on instructions, either tumble dry on low or allow them to air dry somewhere with good ventilation. They may take a while to dry due to their thickness and memory foam material.

A. Allowing the mat to fully dry will help prevent mildew. Keep the mat clean, and make sure your bathroom has the best possible ventilation to help eliminate room moisture. If possible, hang your mat to dry rather than letting it dry on the floor.

What’s the best memory foam bath mat to buy?

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

What you need to know: This simple, absorbent memory foam bath mat comes in a wide variety of bright colors.

What you’ll love: The velvet surface is lush to step on, skid-resistant and machine washable. It comes in many colors to match any bathroom.

What you should consider: Some reviewers found them not to be as sturdy and long lasting as other options.

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Amazon Basics Non Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat

What you need to know: This affordable memory foam bath mat is soft and fits easily into tight spaces.

What you’ll love: The mat is high-quality for the price. Reviewers called it plush and reliable.

What you should consider: It’s advertised as machine washable, but many reviews mention it falling apart in the washing machine. It doesn’t have many color options.

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Gorilla Grip Memory Foam Bath Rug

What you need to know: This is an extra thick mat with a PVC dot backing to prevent slippage.

What you’ll love: It comes in a wide, attractive variety of colors and sizes. Many reviewers said it performed better than costlier options.

What you should consider: It’s thicker and more comfortable than other options, but some reviewers found it to be too thick.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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