Your car’s interior is dirtier than a toilet seat, new research suggests

It sometimes gets hard to care for our hygiene in our busy lives, let alone find time to clean the car's cabin, right? Well, this new research might change your thinking, and you will probably clean your ASAP.

A new research was done by the researchers of Aston University's School of biosciences claims that your average passenger vehicle can be home to bacteria. The study says that an average passenger vehicle is probably more unhygienic than an average toilet in homes.

They additionally claimed of finding traces of faecal bacteria in the cars. The claim comes as a result of the analysis of test results from a sample of five vehicles. These traces were sound in the trunk of the sample vehicles.

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Your car’s interior is dirtier than a toilet seat, new research suggests

What comes to an even bigger shock is that one of these vehicles was just two years old. Increasing the disgust, they also claimed that there were traces of it even in the passenger seats.

However, the bacteria are more prevalent in the trunk, compared to the driver's seat's second position in the list, followed by the gear shift lever, back seats and dashboard. Though, what came as a surprise is that the steering was one of the cleanest parts.

While the study had a limited sample size, it highlights the need to clean and sanitise cars on a regular basis. While most individuals use disinfectants to keep their toilets clean, the automobile interior is frequently overlooked.

The fact is reinforced by Dr Jonathan Cox, Senior Lecturer in Microbiology at Aston University, "Cars generally don't have the same heating as our homes, these are more humid and is a perfect environment for bacteria actually to survive and to thrive."

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