Woman Shares Surprising Method for Removing Stains From White Clothing

Keeping your white clothes white is often an uphill battle.

Their pristine look can become tinged with grey over time, and typically it is these garments you chose to wear the day you run into a ketchup bottle or uneven coffee cup.

However, if your milky-colored clothes now appear fairly lackluster, all hope is not lost.

One TikTok user has shared her brilliant hack for reviving white clothes, and it even removes those unsightly sweat stains.

Chantel Mila, known online as mama_mila_, posted a video outlining her method, and the secret ingredient is denture tablets.

The mom-of-two, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, began the video by showcasing some sweat-stained white T-shirts.

She captioned the footage, writing: "Hack: how to remove sweat stains from white clothes," alongside a white heart emoji.

The young mother then proceeded to show the shirts soaking in a bowl filled with water and denture tablets, explaining: "Soak in warm water + 2 denture tablets for 1/2 hour."

Next, she instructs viewers to wash their clothes "as usual" before showing an after-shot of the visibly brighter T-shirts.

Mila goes on to reveal that the method works because "denture tablets have whitening properties" and "break down stains on white clothes."

Woman Shares Surprising Method for Removing Stains From White Clothing

The video, which was posted on April 29, has since gone viral on the social media platform, being viewed over 109,200 times and garnering more than 5,530 likes.

Many then took to the comments section to share their delight at the surprising hack.

One TikTok user, Kiwi Washington, wrote: "YES!! Also throw denture tablets in toilet bowl, shiny clean."

Another person, Fun-keymonk, added: "this is soo good!!! I need to buy denture tablets haha."

A third, Heather, commented: "I feel bad for those who use dentures, because of us, there will be none left in stores lol," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

Whereas a fourth, skindiamondbeauty, typed: "Omg how did I not know this before??!"

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