Woman's clever trick to transform disgusting toilet in just 10 minutes

Most of us hate cleaning, especially when it comes to putting our hands down the loo and giving it a good scrub.

But one woman's clever hack could save you hours of work as she claims it leaves your toilet looking brand new in just ten minutes.

Like most of us, the Australian woman has tried a number of popular products in the past but wasn't impressed.

She decided to try Scalex, a cleaner designed to remove limescale in dishwashers and sinks, and it worked a treat.

She took to Facebook to share her discovery, writing: "Tried Coke (nothing), tried citric acid (nothing), tried Scalex and it did change but it didn't help much", reports Mail Online.

Woman's clever trick to transform disgusting toilet in just 10 minutes

"Then yesterday I tried a very strong mix of Scalex and this steel wool thing.

"In less than 10 minutes (pretty hard scrubbing), it now looks like this."

Many people have become slightly addicted to cleaning again over the last few months, largely thanks to social media star Mrs Hinch.

The Essex hairdresser, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe has gained more than a million fans by sharing her clever hacks and tricks.

Her beloved "Minkeh", an antibacterial cleaning pad, manufactured by the brand Minky, was completely out of stock across the UK.

As a result, one even appeared on eBay with a staggering £5,000 price tag.

Shoppers also claim stocks of her favourite scented disinfectant Zoflora, which costs around £1, are also running low.

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