Woman reveals how a $10.50 product restored her toilet to pristine condition

'I had tried everything': How renter transformed her rust-stained toilet into a sparkling bowl in 10 minutes by using an $11 product from Bunnings

By Emilia Mazza For Daily Mail Australia





There are few things more off-putting than an unsightly, stained toilet bowl.

It's a situation that had driven an Australian renter to distraction before she scoured the Internet for ways to restore her bowl to pristine condition.

Taking to Facebook, she explained how she'd been living with a stained toilet for the past three months and had tried every hack imaginable before hitting on a solutionusing a $10.50 product from Bunnings and some steel wool.

And the cleaning job took a total of 10 minutes.

The toilet (before cleaning and and after) was transformed using two inexpensive household products

Scalex (pictured) is a product designed to remove rust and limescale buildup from dishwashers, bathtubs, toilet bowls and sinks

Woman reveals how a .50 product restored her toilet to pristine condition

'Tried Coke (nothing), tried citric acid (nothing), tried Scalex and it did change but it didn't help much.

'Then yesterday I tried a very strong mix of Scalex and this steel wool thing,' she continued.

'In less than 10 minutes (pretty hard scrubbing), it now looks like this.'

Scalex is a product that has been created to remove rust and limescale buildup from dishwashers, bathtubs, toilet bowls and sinks.

The photo the woman shared showed her toilet bowl before she'd hit on her solution and after. The woman said the water was blue because she'd been using a cistern cake previously to try and disguise the brown marks.

Those who'd seen photos of the woman's transformed toilet where quick to praise her efforts as well as reveal how they'd also used the 'miracle' product.

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One woman wrote: 'Scalex works best if you add hot water to the toilet,' before adding, 'Your toilet looks great.

'Mine is 25 years old and it's just starting to get harder and harder to clean now. But I love Scalex, it's a little bit of magic.'

'Another product that does work is hydrochloric acid that you use in swimming pools,' a second chimed in.

'Only need to use it once and it shouldn't come back but wouldn't recommend using regularly as it wouldn't be good for the enviro (sic) but it lifts hardcore calcium in toilets.'

A third warned: 'If you scrub the glaze off the bowl it will stain quicker and make it harder to clean so be careful.'

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