Woman reveals amazing trick for cleaning the toilet in 10 minutes

Toilet cleaning is most people's least favourite job, not only because it's disgusting but also because it's hard to get done.

That is probably why a woman's clever hack that has completely transformed her toilet is doing so well on social media, with people praising her very simple but effective idea.

Using Scalex, a product available at Bunnings, the woman turned her rust-filled toilet into a sparkling bowl in under 10 minutes, she said on Facebook.

"Tried Coke (nothing), tried citric acid (nothing), tried Scalex and it did change but it didn't help much," she posted on Facebook, according to the Daily Mail.

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Woman reveals amazing trick for cleaning the toilet in 10 minutes

"Then yesterday I tried a very strong mix of Scalex and this steel wool thing," she continued.

"In less than 10 minutes (pretty hard scrubbing), it now looks like this."

People were fascinated by the easy cleaning hack and others revealed they'd been using the same product for that task for years.

"Mine is 25 years old and it's just starting to get harder and harder to clean now. But I love Scalex, it's a little bit of magic," a Facebook user commented.

"Another product that does work is hydrochloric acid that you use in swimming pools," someone else said.

"Only need to use it once and it shouldn't come back but wouldn't recommend using regularly as it wouldn't be good for the enviro (sic) but it lifts hardcore calcium in toilets."