Waste, ‘home items’ litter campsites as season ends

Municipality to seek police help

KUWAIT CITY, March 17: The spring camping season in the country officially ended on March 15, but some of the campers have failed to comply with environmental requirements and left behind remnants and debris, and the Kuwait Municipality as usual will undertake the task of cleaning the area as is the case at the end of every camping season, reports Al-Qabas daily. The phenomenon of leftovers and rubble after each camping season has always constituted a state of confusion for the government agencies concerned with following up and holding to account the violators because controlling the negative aspects of annual camping season and intensification of efforts are bearing no fruit.

During a tour of the spring camps, Al-Qabas saw piles of waste — rubble, furniture, building materials and others on the Kabd Road, after the camp owners abandoned their sites without bothering to clean. Some campers had used building materials for their comfort such as cement and ceramic especially in kitchen and toilet areas, which they have left behind and this requires much effort and special mechanism to clean the area. The owners of some camps were keen to transfer what was lighter in weight in their vehicles before they left their sites, and left behind the heavier items such as furniture, bicycles and power transformers and when they returned to collect these items, they did not find them; someone had apparently stolen them. The daily also observed some campers had set fire to the garbage including furniture to save the trouble of moving them and in the process causing great damage to the environment in the form of destroying shrubs and plants at some sites.

Meanwhile, with the end of the spring camping season in the country, last Tuesday, the Kuwait Municipality hygiene departments in all governorates will start their campaigns to remove the camps — the camps which some people have failed to remove, reports Al- Qabas daily. An informed source said the Municipality has called on the camp owners to remove their camps immediately, especially no warnings will be given to violators since they are fully aware when the camping season begins and when it ends. The Municipality said it will seek the help of security men to dismantle the camps. The Municipality sources said the owners of the licensed camps who paid 100 dinars insurance fee and failed to remove their tents and clean the site should visit the relevant departments. It is worth noting that the annual spring camping season begins every year from November 15 to March 15.

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Waste, ‘home items’ litter campsites as season ends

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