Want to add a bidet to your bathroom? We tested an affordable model to see if it made life better

There are plenty of interesting and helpful traditions from cultures around the world, and not all of them have made significant inroads in the USA. One of the most convenient tools when it comes to personal hygiene is the bidet toilet seat.

The first time I visited Japan years ago, I was fully aware that I would have to learn to use one of these contraptions (which were quite novel to me at the time). I was somewhat less prepared for just how easy they were to master and how superior they were to using regular old toilet paper.

Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for a bidet seat that fits my toilet. The premium models often found in upscale Tokyo establishments are often remarkably expensive, but the Omigo is a fantastic alternative. It’s currently at a significant 25% discount (using the code CLEAN25), but even at its regular price, it’s still more economical than many models from more well-known brands.

What is the Omigo Bidet?

Considerably different from the stand-alone European-style bidets or convenient portable bidets I was familiar with, I immediately fell in love with in-seat models like the Omigo Bidet. If you’ve ever looked into high-end bidets before, you might recognize the brand Toto, which makes a wide range of the most popular bidet toilet seats on the market. Toto bidets are, by all accounts, great devices, but they’re also notoriously expensive. The Omigo sets out to deliver premium features and craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

The Omigo Bidet’s long list of features impressed me every bit as much as the features on other top-of-the-line options right from the start. It offers a huge variety of controls including a range of water pressures, nozzle directions and spray widths. It even delivers warm water on demand and can heat the seat as soon as you lift the lid. There’s also a host of quality-of-life improvements like a night light and even a carbon-based deodorizer to reduce bad smells.

How the Omigo Bidet works

There are two separate nozzles in the Omigo, one each for cleaning in the front and back. You can customize just how those nozzles work, including choosing from seven positions, three spray widths, three pressure settings and optional oscillation for a completely clean feeling. The nozzles even aerate the water before spraying, which ensures a comfortable jet that does not in any way resemble a pressure washer.

Outside of the actual nozzle performance, there are plenty more features that make using the Omigo a great experience overall. There’s a warm air dryer that takes about 30 seconds to work completely, which will greatly reduce or practically eliminate the need to use toilet paper regularly. The seat doesn’t just heat itself; you can set your preferred temperature. Speaking of the seat, both it and the lid sport quiet-close hinges that make the entire affair of using them that much more discreet.

There are also a couple of safety and sanitation features worth mentioning. The seat itself has a skin contact sensor that keeps it from operating when nobody’s sitting on the toilet. To help keep everyone clean and healthy and free from contamination, the nozzles rinse themselves off before each use. They don’t just use simple water, though — they use a solution (made of silver ions) that’s proven to kill germs on surfaces.

Want to add a bidet to your bathroom? We tested an affordable model to see if it made life better

What you need to know before purchasing an Omigo Bidet

There are two versions of the Omigo Bidet. Both are designed to work with most common toilets in the US. The elongated model is a bit larger than the round model and it’s pretty simple to figure out which one you need.

One thing I was particularly impressed with is how straightforward it was to install my Omigo Bidet. I’m not really confident at all with actual plumbing work, but the instructions were written clearly and the installation process was surprisingly simple. All I really had to do was turn off the water, connect it to the seat and turn the water back on. After that, I just plugged the bidet seat into the wall outlet, slid the lid on, and that’s just about it. The whole process took about 30 minutes.

Practically speaking, there are some other aspects worth considering. The Omigo Bidet seat can hold up to 330 pounds (the lid is rated for 270 pounds) and the construction of the entire thing is particularly sturdy, with no noticeable flex during installation or use. With that in mind, it is considerably bulkier than a standard toilet seat, although that doesn’t interfere with general usage in any real way.

To use the Omigo Bidet, there’s a comprehensive remote control with relatively obvious markings on the buttons. The remote itself works great, but I did feel like the wall mounting bracket and fasteners were a bit low quality, which is the kind of thing you can easily upgrade with a quick trip to the hardware store. It’s also worth noting that while the LED night light can be turned on and off, you can’t adjust the color or brightness. Finally, the only time when installation might be very challenging is if you have an unconventionally shaped toilet or one that only offers topside access to the bolts that hold the seat to the toilet.

Where to buy an Omigo Bidet

You can buy the Omigo Bidet directly from Omigo. You can also look to Amazon for both the high-end Luxury model and the more basic and lower-priced SL version. Sold by Amazon.

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Tushy Classic 3.0

Tushy has done a great job of convincing many Americans to switch over to a bidet. This straightforward nonelectrical model is as durable, affordable and easy to use as any other out there. Sold by Amazon and Tushy.

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Kohler Novita

From one of the top toilet and sink manufacturers in the USA, the Kohler Novita offers a similar set of features to the most premium wash stations but is a fraction of the price of most high-end units. It comes in two sizes for round and elongated toilets. Sold by Amazon.

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Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000

While it’s not cheap, the Bliss BB-2000 is built around an extremely high quality nozzle, which is really the most important part of the appliance. Its instant hot water and closely regulated water pressure and aeration make for an experience that’s both pleasant and especially cleansing. Sold by Amazon and Bio Bidet.

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