Vile moment security footage captures DoorDash delivery driver using lobby trash can as a toilet

Vile moment security footage captures DoorDash delivery driver in LA using lobby trash can as a toilet

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Security camera footage caught the vile moment a DoorDash delivery driver in Los Angeles used the lobby trash can as a toilet leaving a mess of human feces.

Lisa Stanley, a K-EARTH 101 radio host who manages her building in Brentwood, was informed by a fellow tenant that there were feces in the lobby Friday afternoon.

'There was crap all over the lobby,' Stanley told

Stanley initially assumed that a dog or dirty diaper were to blame for the mess but much to her disgust, the building security footage showed her DoorDash delivery woman defecating in her lobby.

A DoorDash delivery driver was recorded defecating in a building lobby after dropping off an order to the building manager

The woman left a pile of feces on the rim of the trash can and on the floor Friday afternoon

She then removed her sweater in an attempt to clean herself up and left the building in LA. DoorDash confirmed the woman has been removed from their app

In the disturbing video, the woman is seen walking into the building carrying Stanley's order. The woman later exits the elevator after delivering the food and walks back into the lobby on her way out.

As the woman walks throughs the lobby, she lifts her sweater as she stands over the metal trash can. When she stands back a pile of feces is seen left on the rim of the trash can.

The woman then places her phone and keys on the rim of the trash can next to her feces as she removes her sweater. She shakes out her sweater as she stands over a mess of feces on the floor.

Stanley was 'horrified' when she watched video. 'I was devastated and horrified. I just couldn't believe it,' Stanley said.

'There is no scenario where that should have happened,' she explained. 'There were a bunch of ways to deal with that situation and that was the worst way possible.'

The building manager explained that the trash can was several steps from some bushes or that: 'Had she asked I might of let her use my bathroom!'

Vile moment security footage captures DoorDash delivery driver using lobby trash can as a toilet

To clean up the mess Stanley had to pay a hazmat team hundred of dollars to appropriately sanitize the mess.

She immediately tried to contact DoorDash to inform them of the disgusting situation and be reimbursed for the $325 cleaning fee but she continued to get a generic corporate response.


'We do not condone this type of action and are currently investigating this information provided,' one of the emails read.

The food delivery service informed Stanley that the driver was no longer able to deliver with DoorDash and offered to refund Stanley for her salad and give her a $20 credit for her next meal.

After about seven similar email responses which Stanley believed were insufficient, she posted the video to her social media to 'get their attention' when it blew up.

'Almost everyone reacted the same way as I did,' Stanley said of the video she said made her 'sick.'

Instagram and Twitter users were overwhelmingly shocked and disgusted by the foul video. Several fellow delivery drivers commented that while emergencies happen, they are always able to pause their jobs to use the restroom.

Others also pointed out that while this driver has been banned from DoorDash, she could still work for another delivery service. Stanley also shares this concern: 'Chances are she probably does work for Uber or Postmates.'

Once the video blew up and was picked up by news stations, DoorDash eventually agreed to pay for the cost of the clean up but Stanley said she still hasn't received a direct response on how that will happen.

Lisa Stanley, the building's manager and a local radio host, posted the horrific video to social media after several failed attempts to get DoorDash to reimburse the $325 cleaning fee

'This is a bigger issue for me because it's a health issue,' she told explaining her concerns with DoorDash

She tweeted: 'Took all this press to get them to do anything! Not good! Where's corporate you should be accessible and accountable.'

DoorDash released a statement reading: 'The trust and safety of our community is extremely important and what's shown in this video is absolutely unacceptable and disturbing. We're deactivating this Dasher and are actively working to be in touch with building staff so we can reimburse for the cleaning costs. We will also cooperate with law enforcement on any investigation.'

'I don't trust them but I'm not gonna stop,' she insisted. The radio host said she believes the company only started to listen to her because she's verified on Twitter.

'It's sad because what if something happens to someone and they don't have a blue check?'

She said other DoorDash customers shared other stories of unsafe or unsatisfactory service such as food being opened or eaten, but nothing to the level that Stanley experienced.

'This is a bigger issue for me because it's a health issue,' she explained. Stanley said a local news outlet contacted the health department about the situation and she expects to speak with them Wednesday.

Her lawyer will also be following up with DoorDash on Wednesday to discuss the appropriate process to be reimbursed.

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