Ultimate Toys Turns Ram ProMaster Into Luxury Camper Van

Monica GondermanAuthorCourtesy of the manufacturesPhotographer

Ultimate Toys has a new Class B camper van in its lineup called the Ultimate Rover, and it's the black sheep of the company's 2022 van lineup. Whereas the rest of Ultimate Toys' six vans are built upon the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the core of the Ultimate Rover is a high roof Ram ProMaster 3500 EXT van with a long 159-inch wheelbase (the shorter wheelbase option for the 3500 is 136 inches). For its Sprinter van builds, Ultimate Toys teams up with Midwest Automotive, classified as a manufacturer and recognized by Mercedes-Benz as a Preferred Approved Upfitter. Loveland, Ohio-based Ultimate Toys also makes a tiny teardrop-style camper trailer.

The black Ultimate Rover looks nothing like a factory Ram ProMaster on the inside. It looks like a luxury RV, complete with composite wood grain flooring, solid surface black countertops, black Denali wood trim, overhead cabinets with hidden hinges, and beautiful sand colored upholstery with black seat piping, to point out but a few details. It's simply gorgeous.

Ultimate Toys Turns Ram ProMaster Into Luxury Camper Van

Ultimate Toys is proud of the fact that most of its vans, including the Ultimate Rover ProMaster, have full bathrooms in the layouts. You can't argue that this amenity is a big deal and a main contributor to retaining happy campers throughout the adventure. Within the large bathroom area, sectioned off from the rest of the van by a door, the porcelain toilet and shower area are further enclosed by shower curtains; the shower head is directly above the toilet.

A wardrobe, drawers, the 110-volt microwave, and an induction cook top are on the wall opposite the toilet. The sink is next to the toilet. Yes, the bathroom and kitchen are behind the same door. Is the kitchen in the bathroom, or is the bathroom in the kitchen? Whichever makes you feel better.

The main feature of the living space is the two opposing sofas with room for a pedestal table between the sofa benches. Each sofa has three seatbelts, and when combined with the driver and passenger captain chairs, there's room for eight seatbelted passengers. (Now that's a party if we've ever seen one.) The sofas fold flat to make a 66 x 68-inch bed, nearly a Queen. Opposite the entry is the refrigerator, conveniently located for easy access. The fridge cubby is topped with a nice countertop. A small LED TV in the front entertains passengers, and in the rear, there's a second TV flush-mounted in the bath door.

The nearly 21-foot Ultimate Rover can carry 25 gallons of fresh water, 25 gallons of grey water, and 15 gallons of black water. It has a 2,000-watt inverter, multiple outlets, cable TV input, a power awning, a Lifeline AMG Deep Cycle 330 Amp-Hour battery, speakers all over, 30-amp/110-volt shore power, and much more—all the goods you'd expect in a high-end conversion van or RV.

We can tell from the dashboard that the pre-production model is built on a 2021 Ram ProMaster; we're really hoping the production Ultimate Rovers use the improved 2022 Ram ProMaster van. As for pricing? There's none on Ultimate Toys' website. The company would probably love to chat about your build and give you a quote; don't act shocked if it's a lot. For everyone else, enjoy the pictures and marvel at the clever layout of the Ultimate Rover.