UK police have started using ‘anti-cocaine spray’ in pub toilets

Just in time for the return of post-pandemic partying, UK police have begun using an “anti-cocaine spray” in an effort to stop people from snorting in pubs.

UK police have started using ‘anti-cocaine spray’ in pub toilets

According to its manufacturing company, the anti-drug spray, called Blokit, is supposed to cut down recreational drug use in venues by up to 90 per cent by coating surfaces with a sticky film which ruins drugs. If snorted off a sprayed surface – such as toilets, baby changing areas, or cisterns – lines will have a strong bitter taste which can last in a person’s mouth for hours.

Besides being used in over 600 cinemas, colleges, and libraries across the country, police in Darlington, England have started spraying down surfaces in 24 pubs where drug-sniffing dogs detected traces of cocaine.

“Darlington is just like any other large town or city – people do take recreational drugs here, and we would be naive to think otherwise,” Sergeant Matt Plumb from the Darlington neighbourhood police team told The Telegraph. “The difference here is that we are doing something proactive to tackle it.”

He continued: “Cocaine and other recreational drugs don't just cause physical damage to the people who take it – it funds organised crime and can destroy communities in which these groups operate.”