TikToker horrifed to find her Hinge date wrote a warning message to future dates on her toilet seat

A Tiktoker was left horrified after finding a secret message her Hinge date left to future men on her toilet seat.

The date wrote in lipstick “she is effing her ex, run” and left his phone number before he was kicked out of the woman’s house.

WATCH ABOVE Lulu discover the message under her toilet seat

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Explaining what happened, Lulu otherwise known on TikTok as @notsimpqueen7, said she asked her date to leave after 15 minutes because she “wasn’t feeling it”.

She recalled the date had “bad vibes,” but allowed him to use her bathroom before his Uber picked him up.

“I invited him to come to the bar with me and a group of friends,” she began the full story.

TikToker horrifed to find her Hinge date wrote a warning message to future dates on her toilet seat

“I told him to meet at my house before we all went to the bar. One of my girlfriends was actually present when I kicked him out.

“I just wasn’t feeling it, I didn’t want to have a bad night so I was like ‘can you please order yourself an Uber and leave?’”

Lulu shared that she tried to spare the man’s feelings telling him she “didn’t feel comfortable hanging out with a guy because [she] was still in love with [her] ex”.

“So what he wrote [under the toilet seat] was ‘she is effing her ex, run’ and then he included his phone number so he could tell everybody the story,” the TikToker recounted.

She captioned the video, “he also wrote his phone number on the seat?? my weirdo radar was spot on”.

The video blew up on TikTok, gaining over 3.9 million views, however not all comments were on Lulu’s side.

“Bro made a plan to leave AND warn future men, and you think he’s the problem,” one commenter said.

“If *during* the first date he’s leaving warning notes for future dudes….then he’s not the crazy one,” another wrote.

“I love how he thinks that’s a place only a guy would see.... as if people don’t.... clean... their toilets....,” said another.

“These comments do not pass the vibe check. He used her lipstick and messed up her toilet, intentionally making a mess, how on earth are people thinking that he is not the red flag??” another said in support of Lulu.