TikTok hack reveals you've been cleaning your toilet wrong—this is how to stop it 'smelling like a urinal'

Scrubbing your toilet isn't always the most exciting of tasks, but is essential to keeping a tidy home.

When it comes to hacks that show how to clean a bathroom more easily, we're all ears. Professional cleaner and director of The Big Clean Co., Kacie Stephens, went viral on TikTok for showing her secret tip on how to clean a toilet like a professional. The video has since garnered over 1.5 million views for her simple cleaning hack.

If your bathroom constantly "smells like a urinal" no matter how much you scrub and spray your toilet, then this cleaning hack is for you.


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TikTok hack reveals you've been cleaning your toilet wrong—this is how to stop it 'smelling like a urinal'

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In the video, Kacie explains how to clean toilet bowl stains like a professional. While wearing rubber cleaning gloves, she pans the camera down to the bottom of the toilet. From there, she points out two nuts that keep the toilet seat in place and unscrews them. Now, this is where the gross part comes—after she places the two nuts aside (and advises you disinfect and clean those as well), she takes the toilet seat off, and, "you see why it smells so bad," she claims.

Underneath the toilet seat and on the back of it are two spots where urine builds up and stains over time. Viewers are shocked over how effective this trick has been in clearing up unwanted bathroom odors.

"I do this at least once a week or once every two weeks," wrote one thankful commenter. "Keeping at it is key. I would have never known this if it wasn't for TikTok."

Another viewer couldn't believe the tip actually worked.

"I did this and wow," wrote another. "Thank you for this! My toilet always smells no matter how much I disinfect and clean it."

Toilet cleaning is no easy feat but must be done in order to maintain a clean bathroom. For those who live with men, especially, Kacie warns that they can cause the most buildup under the toilet seat.

Don't let unwanted odors rule your bathroom. For those who find they're constantly scrubbing their toilet with no positive results, then this hack could be the solution you've been looking for. Rather than have the unpleasant "urinal" scent linger in your home, make sure you're cleaning every part of your toilet.