This electric pop-up camper fits in the trunk of Tesla’s Cybertruck

The newest accessory for Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck is geared toward tech-savvy outdoor enthusiasts. This electric pop-up camper, created by tech company Stream It, is called the CyberLandr, and it fits perfectly in the back of the Tesla Cybertruck. The camper comes with all the creature comforts one could possibly imagine in such a small package.

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As the camper pops up and unfolds into its full size, the electric sliding door reveals a living room complete with a 4K smart TV with surround sound, voice- or app-controlled home automation to control climate or lighting and reclining modular seats, all topped with a 500-watt solar panel. These same reclining seats fold up to transform into a queen-sized bed.

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This electric pop-up camper fits in the trunk of Tesla’s Cybertruck

Toward the back, a small-yet-luxurious bathroom boasts a radiant-heated porcelain tile floor and a water-recirculating shower. The spa-style shower head comes with five different flow patterns. A four-stage filter allows for longer showers without running out of water, while the dry-flush toilet comes with a self-cleaning bowl.

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The model is undoubtedly designed with campers in mind, but there are also plenty of other uses, according to the company. In addition to camping, the CyberLandr is just as handy for things like emergency preparedness, tailgate parties, little league games, accommodations during business trips or a rapid-response command post for first responders. For those concerned about safety, the CyberLandr comes with an alarm system fitted with 360-degree surveillance and motion-sensing exterior lighting.

Thanks to the camper’s StarLink satellite dish, there’s enough high-speed internet for even the most tech-savvy users (the dish comes pre-fitted into the camper, but a StarLink subscription is still required to use it). The wireless internet allows for phone calls and internet even in remote areas without regular cell phone service.

The CyberLandr is currently available for pre-order with a discounted promotion price. After the promotion, the camper will have a cost of $49,995 — and, of course, doesn’t include the Cybertruck itself.

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