The ProCamp's Trick Drop-Down Bed Turns a Ram ProMaster Into a Queen-Sized Camp Master

Monica GondermanWriterManufacturerPhotographer

Adventurers thirst for Class B camper vans, and we're here to satisfy that thirst by talking about yet another offering in the packed, but seemingly never oversaturated category. A recent entrant to the popular #vanlife game is called the ProCamp by Van Horn, which launched in 2021 offering vehicles to buy or rent. Whether connected to shore power or boondocking, the ProCamp aims to check all the necessary boxes—versatility, creative storage, spacious interior, powered amenities—when it comes to life on the road.

The Van Horn Automotive Group, which puts the "by Van Horn" in the ProCamp by Van Horn name, has grown from a single Chevrolet dealership founded by Joe Van Horn in 1966. Purchased and maintained by his children, the Group now employs over 650 people and consists of 17 automotive dealerships, a finance company, a real estate business, and a couple of insurance companies. But their vans aren't the side hustle they may seem to be, given such a prolific portfolio, offering a low-key but super functional camper van option.

The ProCamp Class B camper van is built on a Ram ProMaster commercial van (the donor is in the configuration of an extended length 3500 Cargo Van High Roof with the longest 159-inch wheelbase), and is capable of towing 5,000 pounds. As such, the ProMaster is a popular choice for camper van conversions, along with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit.

There are several ProCamp van models from which to choose. The Freestyle ($61,575) is the best option for those who may want to handle building out a custom interior for themselves. For ProCamp, that means there is no interior to supply, just a van that's prepped and ready for one, with insulated, finished walls securing electrical pre-wiring.

The ProCamp's Trick Drop-Down Bed Turns a Ram ProMaster Into a Queen-Sized Camp Master

The Base Jumper ($84,500), Land Sailer ($86,000),Cross Country ($87,000), Breakaway ($97,500), and Destiny ($102,500) round out the lineup of fully equipped adventure vans.

As you move up the higher models, more ad-ons like 100W solar panels, 13,500 BTU air conditioning, a black powder coated aluminum roof rack with composite decking, a roof access ladder, and a motorized awning with LED lights are added, depending on configuration.

One unique feature of the ProCamp van interior is the drop-down Queen Short bed in the rear, which spans the width of the interior. The bed moves vertically up and down via a toggle switch, running along a pre-installed track. Lower the bed down for sleeping, and you can raise it up during the day for more living space or cargo room. This type of space-saving drop-down bed is often found in those big toy haulers, where rear cargo space, accessible through a massive rear drop-down door, doubles as sleep space.

In addition to the drop-down bed, the rear area of the ProCamp features a bench seat couch that also converts into a bed—another feature commonly found in larger toy haulers. In this case, however, the couch is permanent (rather than folding up against the side wall), allowing for under-couch storage in the form of three pull-out drawers. There's also a hidden safe compartment.

Opposite the couch are two rear captain chairs with seatbelts. There are storage cubbies under these seats. A table, complete with stainless steel beverage holder inserts, sits between the chairs. The Destiny model gets a cartridge, or "cassette," style toilet, which are common in small European campers, and more storage instead of the captain chairs.

Between the couch and captain chairs is a slide-out accessory tray. When unloaded, the couch drawers can still open, as a slide-out rack that blocks drawers would be a design fail. Obviously, this changes when the slide is loaded with a bike, cooler, or adventure gear. The slide can double as a picnic table or work bench when extended.

The front area has a full plumbed sink (fancy faucet and all) connected to a five-gallon fresh water storage container and a five-gallon grey water container, both located right under the sink. A flip-up stainless steel surface extends the sink's easy-to-clean sustainable solid surface countertop. More countertop sits atop a 1.7-cubic-foot mini fridge, storage drawers, and a lower storage cabinet with pull-out waste containers. There's also a vertical closet-like storage cabinet that has a pole for hanging clothes and two shelves for more stuff.

With its pull-down bed, toy hauler feel, and frankly reasonable price, the ProCamp can't be ignored when it comes to your camper vans options. The option to buy a prepped van you can build out yourself is definitely intriguing, if you haven't been able to find something you can see yourself in just yet.