The best portable toilets to help you avoid public restrooms on the road

Plenty of people are hesitant to use public restrooms as of late, and we get it: There arelegitimate Covid-19 risk factorsto consider, especially when it comes to flushing toilets. Still, it's difficult to make it through a long drive without having to go at least once.

That's where the glorious portable toilet comes in. The right device, whether that's a simple bucket toilet, a more tech-y flushable toilet with a holding tank, a camping toilet, or a simple funnel, can help you get through a road trip without navigating rest areas or fast food bathrooms. You'll just need the right setup.

What kind of portable toilet do I need?

There are lots of portable and camping toilets out there, but the ones we address here boil down to a few basic categories.

The best portable toilets to help you avoid public restrooms on the road

What other supplies will I need?

In addition to your portable toilet, you may want some portable toilet accessories to make the whole experience a bit more comfortable.

In general, biodegradable deodorizer packs are a smart move for any portable toilet with a bowl. There are several Tide Pod-esque options available on Amazon. Depending on where you plan to use your temporary bathroom setup, you may also want a privacy tent in which to place your portable toilet. (Haven't you always dreamed of a soft-sided bathroom stall?) And if you're on the road, be sure to prepare hand sanitizer, wipes, toilet paper, and perhaps a homemade hand-washing station.

Where am I supposed to dump this thing?

You cannot, unsurprisingly, dump waste from your portable toilet into any old garbage can. So where does it all go?

If you're camping, there will likely be a place marked for waste disposal at your campsite, and you should empty and clean your camping toilet there. If you're on the road, you'll want to wait until you reach a residential toilet to dump everything out. Alternatively, RV drivers can use an RV dump site, which you can find using this interactive map.

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In all cases, make sure you clean the toilet — and the tank, if yours has one — thoroughly with cleaner and a scrub brush after emptying. (Here's a helpful guide, if you're not sure where to start.) If you plan to store your portable toilet for an extended period of time, make sure it's completely dry before you stash it — this will help keep it from molding while it's packed away.

We won't lie: Making a portable bathroom setup work will come with a learning curve. Once you prepare and know the ropes, though, you might be surprised at how much stress it relieves on the road. (Get it, relieves? Ugh, sorry.)

Here are our picks for the best portable toilets.