Sewage Pumping Vehicles and Chemical Toilets in Los Angeles County

About Sewage Pumping Vehicles

A sewage pumping vehicle removes waste from both underground wastewater treatment structures known as septic systems and chemical toilets also known as portable toilets. Sewage pumping vehicles then transport wastewater to an approved sewage treatment plant. Treatment plants are built to clean wastewater and release it into streams or for reuse.

About Chemical Toilets

Chemical toilets are portable sanitation structures that use a tank to store toilet waste and use chemicals to control odors and break down waste. Chemical toilets are not connected to any septic systems. Sewage pumping vehicles are responsible for emptying the chemical toilet tanks and disposing the wastewater at an approved sewage treatment plant.

Sewage Pumping Vehicles and Chemical Toilets in Los Angeles County

In Los Angeles County, Sewage Pumping Vehicle Operators, are required to obtain an annual Public Health Permit. The Land Use Program of the Environmental Health Division issue permits and performs sanitation inspections of pumper truck vehicles, chemical toilet pumping vehicles, and toilet rental agencies.

The Land Use Program processes and approves vehicle registration applications and performs inspections for sewage pumping vehicles for LA County.

Businesses that clean septic tanks, cesspools, chemical toilets, and sewage seepage pits are required to obtain an annual Public Health Permit to register their sewage cleaning and carrying vehicles. Submit an application along with the required information listed in the "Required Documentation" section on page 1 of the application.

DownloadPublic Health Permit/License ApplicationandSewage Cleaning Vehicle Registration Application

Businesses are required to submit Quarterly Pumper Truck Reports electronically to the Department of Public Health Land Use Program

DownloadPumper Truck Quarterly Reporting Template

Report a Problem

If you see or encounter a problem with sewage pumping vehicles and/or chemical toilets, you may report the problem to the Environmental Health Call Center at(888) 700-9995orfile a complaint online.

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