Scout Campers, il modulo per i full-size ha un bagno completo

Yakima, Washington (August 20th, 2020) - Scout Campers, the lightweight, off-grid truck camper brand that launched in April of this year, launched its third model today – the Kenai. This model may be the biggest and most fully-featured of the Scout line, but it remains true to the brand’s values: minimalistic, lightweight, off-grid capable, and built to last.

With an estimated dry weight of 1370 lbs, sleeping capacity of 4-6, more options for customization, and fit for heavy half-ton to 1-ton short and long box trucks, this truck camper is both practical and versatile for those who want to travel off the beaten path. Some of the key differences of the Kenai model are the designated bathroom space, Mud Room, queen sized bed, and extended storage options.

The new Mud Room contains a built-in stainless-steel drain pan and curtain enclosure located at the entrance of the camper. It serves as a protective area to rinse off muddy shoes, gear and clothing after a big day of adventures, and drains directly outside the camper. Another notable feature that will keep users and their families clean is the RinseKit Portable Shower option. This pressurized, heated shower can be used inside or out, and was designed to be stored in the upper shelf of the bathroom. As mentioned, the camper comes standard with a 360° shower curtain that attaches to the ceiling and connects to the stainless-steel drain pan to keep the water contained.

Scout Campers, il modulo per i full-size ha un bagno completo

The option for the integrated, modern Cassette Toilet is another unique feature for the Kenai model.This toilet is designed to maximize space as it pivots out for use and then locks back into a stowed position. Instead of a traditional holding tank, the portable 4.75 gal waste tank can easily be removed and emptied manually from the outside of the unit. Because the Cassette Toilet might not suit every user, the Dometic Portable 2.6 gal Toilet is also offered as an option, further allowing each individual and family to choose what works best for them.

Scout understands the importance of storage, and their options have been taken to the next level with the Kenai. A full-length Interior Wardrobe, a designated Gear Locker with 10 cubic feet of space, the option for dual hanging storage bags, and plenty of shelving allow users to take everything they need on longer trips, while also keeping gear organized and stowed away. In addition to Kenai's usable space increase, the camper offers a bigger bed (full size that extends into a 60” x 80” queen-sized mattress) and the L-shaped Convertible Lounge that easily transitions into 2 single beds at night.

Powered by the sun and charged by nature, the Kenai takes self-sufficiency to a whole new level: more battery capacity with the Goal Zero 1500, double the propane with two 10 lb tanks, and more energy-efficient functionality. Kenai allows users to stay comfortable off-grid for longer periods with the incorporation of the RinseKit Shower, the toilet options, solar fan & lighting, and its standard, gravity-fed filtered water system. The Kenai supports 4-season travel and will last for generations thanks to Scout’s robust construction of aluminium exoskeleton framing and wood-free composite structural panels that will never rot. The campers start at $23,625 USD.

The Scout Kenai is now available for build, price, and pre-order at

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