SAS Australia cast: Simone Holtznagel reacts after toilet scene sparks backlash: ‘What do you want from me?’

Model Simone Holtznagel is setting the record straight after facing backlash following a memorable toilet scene on SAS Australia.

The 28 year old was labelled “precious” by viewers for her response to the course’s basic food and living conditions.

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Simone trained for and set out to complete the SAS selection course, a series of challenges that take the recruits to their physical and psychological limits.

Over the 14-day course, celebrity recruits lived at “base camp”, an abandoned warehouse where life is basic.

Really basic.

They sleep in camping stretchers, use makeshift toilets and eat basic meals such as porridge and boiled eggs.

Out of all the contestants, Simone was the most outspoken about the living conditions.

But it was one particular scene that got her in hot water on social media.

Simone and fellow recruit, AFL legend Barry Hall were assigned the job to clean out the toilets at camp.

Simone called it a “stitch-up” that she was assigned the task.

As she and Barry approached the toilets, Simone began: “Oh my God I am going to throw up.

SAS Australia cast: Simone Holtznagel reacts after toilet scene sparks backlash: ‘What do you want from me?’

“Oh my god, it smells so bad.

“Is there some sort of facial shield you can wear?”

Barry took one for the team, offering to clean the toilets, and left Simone with the less strenuous job of cleaning the sinks.

“I would like to think that I’d make a great soldier. But the toilet situation just isn’t built for people like me,” Simone added in an interview.

After the scene aired, viewers took to Twitter to discuss the episode, with many comment threads centering around Simone’s attitude.

“Simone is being a bit precious,” one fan wrote.

“Simone is such a diva,” added another.

“I just don’t know anyone who gets overly excited to clean toilets,” Simone responded, in an interview with 7Entertainment.

The model added that she’s had many experiences camping and being outdoors and she “didn’t even mind” the conditions on base camp.

“I can’t believe that people got so annoyed that I was like ‘eww toilets, gross,’ like who wants to clean the toilet?” she said.

“What do you what from me, do you want for me like a song and dance about how excited I am?

“I think that a pretty normal reaction,” she added.

When asked if the living conditions were worse than she was expecting, she added that they weren’t.

“It really wasn’t bad. Like it was like having a giant sleepover. It wasn’t bad,” she insisted.

“Yeah, it was cold, and having wet clothes, but I didn’t care.”

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