People are now using dishwashing tablets to clean their clothes

There’s no denying that dishwashing tablets are the most exciting new cleaning trend of 2020, with thousands using the unlikely item to clean their ovens, showers and even washing machines.

Well now mums have found yet another use for the tablet – cleaning your clothes.

Many have taken to various Facebook pages to share the new hack, revealing how they have used the tablets to remove stubborn filth and grime from various items of clothing.

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Most say they used the hack for work clothes that had grease and extreme dirt on them, adding that they used between two and four tablets on a hot cycle to achieve results.

“My husband always has black coal and grease on his work clothes,” wrote Kate on the Mums Who Clean page.

“Today I decided to chuck his work clothes in to wash with four dishwashing tablets.

“I had done the dishwashing tablet clean to my washing machine a few days ago ... and thought the same idea might help with grease and black stuff on his clothes.

“This is a picture of his already washed and “clean” work clothes in the wash with the dishwashing tablet. Yuck!!!

People are now using dishwashing tablets to clean their clothes

“It didn’t get everything out, but they are much better!”

Adding that she used Fairy dishwashing tablets, Kate added: “I have tried so many different washing liquids, strip washes etc but nothing really works.”

Mum Karen said she tried dishwasher tablets on her daughter’s work uniform.

“My daughter works at a fast food restaurant and try as I may I can’t get the smell of oil and chips out of her uniform,” she wrote on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page.

“So I tried putting two dishwashing tablets in the wash on a hot cycle and it was amazing. No smell at all. Amazing.”

Added another: “I cleaned the kids school clothes with four dishwashing tablets – like new again. Couldn’t recommend it more.”

But other mums have warned others to be wary of the hack.

“It might work on uniforms and heavy duty uniforms, but dishwashing tablets have caustic soda in them so I’d worry about them damaging some clothes,” said one.

Added another: “I soaked my daughter’s art smock with a dishwasher tablet and it melted the plastic lining off the smock.

“It was super clean but ruined.”

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