Mum tries to ‘normalise’ slacking on chores but is branded ‘lazy’

A pregnant mother-of-three has been slammed online for trying to “normalise” not cleaning her toilet for a month.

Taking to TikTok, Amanda, can be heard making a retching noise as she films her filthy toilet which is in desperate need of a clean.

“This is the toilet…I’m so embarrassed about that. Yeah I know, super embarrassing. I haven’t cleaned it in like a month,” the US woman says.

“It gets really dirty, really bad. Please don’t come at me. I get it, I know. I don’t need to hear it.”

The busy mother can then be seen using bleach and multi-surface cleaner, before giving the loo a proper scrub with a brush.

“Not perfect, but better,” she adds.

Alongside the short clip, she wrote: “I get’s bad and I’m lazy about cleaning my bathroom but I did it #normalizethemess #messyhousemom.”

However it wasn’t long before the comments section was inundated with very mixed responses – with many not believing the build up of grime was just from a month’s worth of no cleaning.

“A month… girl don’t lie,” wrote one.

While a second penned: “Stop hashtagging normalise the mess! There’s no excuse, it needs to say normalise cleaning everyday or at least every other day!”

Mum tries to ‘normalise’ slacking on chores but is branded ‘lazy’

Another added: “I have 7 kiddos that mess the house up...but never have I ever seen a toilet like that. Like the behind the seat is just.”

Others raged it was “unacceptable” and claimed it could scar the children.

“I grew up in a house like this and this is something your kids won’t forget. I’m not trying to shame you, but please do better,” one stated.

“Unacceptable especially if you have kids in the house! Please do better, for your kids,” someone else mused.

One more chimed in: “This is more like months. No excuses!”

However, others defended the pregnant mother for trying her best.

“You know what, I don’t think it really matters how long it’s been. You got up and did it. Congratulations,” wrote one.

“So proud of you. I know it’s so hard to keep up with daily chores, especially when you’re going through things,” another praised.

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Elsewhere, a third added: “Not y’all mum-shaming this poor woman. The important thing is that she realised how bad it had gotten and fixed it.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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