Mrs Hinch fans share shaving foam trick to get rid of urine smell from bathroom

A mum who is fed up of the urine smell in her bathroom may have finally found a solution after turning to the fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch for help.

Sophie Hinchliffe, who is often known as Mrs Hinch among her millions of followers, posts cleaning tips and recommendations on social media, and now her army of fans have built up hugely popular fan pages to share their own advice.

One member of a Facebook group recently pleaded for help after saying her toilet always smells of urine due to living with three boys, and she had tried everything to get rid of it, the Express reports.

The mum wrote: "This is my toilet. I don’t have a window but it always smells (I live with three boys).

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"I have Febreze bathroom air freshener. I have Airwick with the little balls in there. I use Mr Duck in my toilet, plus Febreeze spray the new one in there.

Mrs Hinch fans share shaving foam trick to get rid of urine smell from bathroom

"But I can still smell them in there, any other ideas? I miss my window."

After trying all the usual products, the post was inundated with comments as many people recommended something most of us already have in the bathroom cupboard - shaving foam.

One replied to the post to say: "So this is a little trick we used to do when I worked with potty training boys at a school.

"Take some shaving cream, spray it all over the floor, let it sit there for about 10 minutes.

"Soak in and then clean it up and that always took away the boy pee smell from the floor."

Plenty of others vouched for the advice as a second wrote: "Shaving foam, not the gel one and any cheap one will do, spread it around the toilet on the floor and leave for a couple of hours then mop off.

"Trust me, it gets rid of wee smells. Also wipe down the walls often as I found spray from wee there too!"

A third commented: "I’ve tried the shaving foam thing as I live with two teenage boys. It does work."

And another added: "I always use shaving foam around the base of my toilet, and the smell disappears."