Mrs Hinch fans share foolproof €1 hack for removing stains from toilet seats

Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has achieved worldwide fame for her genius tips that make tackling household chores a breeze.

In the process, she has amassed a loyal following in the millions, with cleaning enthusiasts now offering their own advice too on how to easily improve their surroundings at home.

One such community is the 1.2 million-member Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks.

There are several other popular groups with thousands of members on the social media platform.

People in need of cleaning advice often pose questions to other members, with one woman recently asking how to get rid of stubborn toilet seat stains.

The woman asked: “How can I get yellow off my white toilet seat, please?”

Mrs Hinch fans share foolproof €1 hack for removing stains from toilet seats

The most popular response was to use products known as Pink Stuff cream or Pink Stuff paste, as the Express reports.

Several people who replied all recommend the cleaner which is available to purchase in a number of stores in Ireland, including Dealz where it costs €1.50.

Irish customers can also purchase it from Amazon for €1.05.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using bleach, toothpaste and Cif, but Pink Stuff was far and away the top choice.

One person said: “Pink Stuff paste, brought mine up like new.”

A second wrote: Bleach ruined my toilet seat Pink Stuff cream did it for me.”

While a third added: “Neat bleach will just bleach it temporarily. The yellow will return with a vengeance.

“I’d try Pink Stuff paste or similar with gentle circular movements.

“I’m saying about the bleach because I’ve done it myself and the yellow returned.”