Meet CyberLandr, a Tesla Cybertruck camper that completely disappears

Ever since the Tesla Cybertruck debuted, people have been dreaming about how they'll take it camping. This makes sense, as the Cybertruck is less a work truck for the job site, like a Ford F-150, than it is an adventure vehicle, like a Jeep Wrangler.

In order to follow Wranglers, Broncos, and 4Runners into the wild, though, the Cybertruck needs an entirely new camping solution. Rooftop tents and traditional truck campers won't work on its dramatically raked roof, and towing a heavy camping trailer will cost hundreds of miles of range. Enter CyberLandr, a truck camper that's as innovative in appearance, function, and materials as the truck for which it's built.

Unlike traditional truck campers that are installed in a bed and protrude out over the truck's cab, the CyberLandr fits entirely within the Cybertruck's bed cavity when collapsed; both the tailgate and retracting tonneau cover can be closed over it. When expanded, the CyberLandr rises up and out over the tailgate to become a full-on, four-season, off-grid camper with all the amenities of home, including a combination kitchen, living room, and bedroom, and separate bathroom.

Such a wild truck deserves an equally wild camper.

The beauty of the CyberLandr's design is that, when stowed, it adds zero drag to the Cybertruck's aerodynamics, thus eliminating the big hit to range a traditional truck camper or towable would have. It also has a dry weight of just 1,200 pounds, which is less than half of the Cybertruck's maximum 3,500-pound payload limit.

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The CyberLandr is also entirely electric, so there are no smelly propane bottles or open flames to deal with. And because the Cybertruck will offer some of the biggest battery packs available, the CyberLandr doesn't need its own power supply like a gas generator or battery bank. It just plugs into the Cybertruck and shares power, sending back energy from the generous 500 watts of solar panels installed on its expanding roof.

When expanded, which happens via the touch of a button on an app, the CyberLandr has two rooms: one larger room where you eat, sleep, and lounge, and a bathroom. The larger room features a beautiful marble-like porcelain kitchen countertop along one entire side with a gigantic sink and invisible induction cooktop cleverly embedded beneath its surface. There's also a small refrigerator and storage below the counter.

Two very interesting chairs serve as your seating. These reclining, free-standing seats can be moved around inside the CyberLandr or taken outside to serve as seats around the campfire. They also have another function we'll get to in a moment.

CyberLandr Kitchen...

As for entertainment, the CyberLandr will come with a 32-inch 4K smart TV/monitor with built-in streaming apps. The TV hangs on a track, so it can be moved to one of three wall surfaces. There's also surround sound audio, and every CyberLandr will come from the factory with Elon's own StarLink satellite dish to receive high-speed internet literally anywhere on Earth (except Antarctica).

And Office...And Bedroom

When it's time to sleep, those two lounge chairs transform into a queen-size bed that mounts above the countertop. That leaves room below the bed for another person or two children to sleep on the floor. The dual-pane windows should offer great insulation and also feature electrochromic dimming to provide complete privacy without the need for blinds or curtains. And just like all Teslas, the CyberLandr comes with 360-degree surveillance for security, as well as motion-sensing exterior lighting.

Meet CyberLandr, a Tesla Cybertruck camper that completely disappears

Lastly, the bathroom sits behind the main room on top of the Cybertruck's open tailgate. It features radiant floor heating, a dry-flush toilet with self-cleaning bowl that ditches the need for a black tank, and a recirculating shower with four-stage filter that creates a virtual water supply equal to the size of 40-gallon fresh water tank and 20-gallon grey water tank.

With some Tesla Cybertrucks expected to be delivered in late 2021, the team behind the CyberLandr knows it has to get the camper ready for production quickly. The schedule is made even more tricky because the Cybertruck's final form and dimensions have yet to be released. So while prototyping work on the CyberLandr continues, work on the final build has to wait for Tesla and company to lock down the specs.

This company is a rookie when it comes to building and selling campers, but considering what passes for innovation, build quality, and customer service in the RV industry, that's probably a good thing.

The CyberLandr will be built in Austin, Texas, close to where Tesla is manufacturing the Cybertruck. One day you might even be able to order your Cybertruck and CyberLandr together and have them delivered already paired.

Speaking of pairing, we're told the CyberLandr can be taken in and out of the Cybertruck easily, and the company is currently running customer focus groups to select the best implementation.

The beauty of the CyberLandr, though, is that it's completely invisible when stowed. And with the Cybertruck's big back seat and extra large frunk, there's still plenty of room to carry cargo when the bed is occupied. Plus, the Cybertruck maintains its low center of gravity so you can take it through rugged terrain you wouldn’t dare take a traditional truck camper.

Is the CyberLandr a crazy idea? Yes, but no more so than the Cybertruck.

And while you may lose the ability to use the Cybertruck's bed, what you gain is something no other full-featured camping solution offers: the ability to travel completely stealth during the day, with all the maneuverability and access to tight spaces that comes with not towing or hauling a big camper. Try using a parking garage or drive-thru lane with a traditional truck camper and you'll see what we mean.

As for pricing, the CyberLandr has an MSRP of $49,995, which is in line with other premium truck campers on the market. You can reserve one now for as little as $100 and get $5,000 off the MSRP for getting in line early. If you're already sold, you can put down up to $5,000 and get a promotional price of just $39,995 for a limited time, but only 20 of those slots are available. You can learn more at

Is the CyberLandr a crazy idea? Yes, but no more so than the Cybertruck. Such a wild truck deserves an equally wild camper. The team behind the CyberLandr has presented a product no one saw coming, which is exactly what we felt when Tesla's truck first drove on stage at its debut.

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