Louisiana Fire Department Issues Warning Over Latest TikTok Trend

In the world of TikTok, there is a new "trend" every day. There are also challenges, hacks and ASMR videos of things we didn't know we wanted to hear in depth. One of the more popular trends on the app is cleaning and organizational videos. Speaking for myself, I get sucked into them daily and can watch them for hours (all the shame).

One cleaning trend is catching the attention of a Louisiana Fire Department, and they are sending a warning out to those who attempt it.

User cleaningwithurly has gone viral for, get this, her toilet bowl cleaning videos. I don't know if it's the different colors of the cleaners or just by how many products she uses to clean these toilets, but they are appealing to thousands of people.

The St. Tammany Fire District says cleaning your toilets with that many cleaners and products is not safe, saying the following:

Louisiana Fire Department Issues Warning Over Latest TikTok Trend

"Mixing several types of chemicals together may form a reaction between the chemicals, and in doing so, produce very harmful and possibly fatal vapors."

On top of fatal vapors, the chemicals could also cause an explosion in your toilet or pipes. They also dropped this gem of knowledge on us.

"If your toilet needs these many chemicals for a deep clean, I would recommend just buying a new one"

This user makes a valid point on all fronts. Just so many fumes for no reason! It's like being in a freshly painted room... times 2,000 (also, COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).

All for the views and the aesthetics, am I right?

Here's her most popular TikTok bowl cleaning adventure

I can just imagine having to make that phone call to the fire department about your toilet exploding because you tried a TikTok trend. Just... use one cleaner, please. It does all the work of 17 pretty color ones.

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