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THERE'S nothing we love more than finding out something we already have sitting in our kitchen cupboards secretly holds magical cleaning properties.

And while we were amazed to find out that you can get your kettle looking as good as new with a splash of vinegar and that ketchup is amazing at cleaning away grime on bathroom drains, it turns out that a £1.50 denture whitener is the new multi-purpose cleaning product we never knew we needed.

From giving dirty grout a new lease of life to getting rid of stubborn stains on sofas, cleaning-mad mums can't get enough of these affordable denture cleaning tablets.

Designed to clean tough stains on dentures while not damaging the teeth, these super-strength tablets kill 99.9 per cent of odour-causing bacteria while also remaining gentle enough for cleaning.

Posting on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, one woman revealed that Poligrip did a better job of cleaning the grout on her kitchen floor than any other product she'd used.

Sharing impressive before-and-after photos with the group's 95,000 members, the mum wrote: "I'm actually shocked at how well it worked."

Meanwhile, another woman revealed how the product finally got her toilet sparkling clean after her child flushed "coco pops" down the loo.

She wrote: "I popped four in as I had nothing to lose, waited 20-30 minutes as I cleaned the floor, got the scrubbing brush and using literally NO effort, got this result."

What's more, the denture whitening tabled didn't leave any "blue stains" in the bowl like "usual cleaners." Result.

And it's not just floor tiles and toilets it works an absolute charm on.

Mum shares amazing before and after video of her mildew-stained window after using £1 spray

After mixing Poligrip with warm water, another mum was blown away by the whitener's effect on the splashback surface in her kitchen.

Describing how she'd "jumped on the Poligrip bandwagon", the woman wrote: "Well I'm amazed! My splash backs look like new again."

Latest reaction as Thor says Hall is welcome to rematch after FLOORING Brit

And just when we weren't already convinced this denture whitener is a truly magical cleaning product, it can also be used to tackle stains on furniture.

After asking for help cleaning stains on her five-year-old sofa, one mum also turned her attention to the multi-purpose product.

After dissolving four tablets in warm water, the mum put the solution in a bottle and sprayed it directly on her sofa cushions.

Allowing it to set for five minutes, the woman then scrubbed the surface with a brush and used a towel to absorb all the dirty water forming on the surface.

Repeating the process until the water came out clean, the formerly filthy sofa looked as good as new. Magic.

What's more, the whitening treatment even works its magic on leather sofas as one user - who declared "Holy Poligrip Batman!" - discovered.

And just when we were beginning to wrap our heads around how bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar works a treat at cleaning mattresses, another mum revealed how Poligrip finally got rid of an unsightly sweat stain on hers.

Taking notes from the mum who cleaned her sofa with the solution, the mum started by dissolving six Poligrip tablets in a 500ml bottle of water.

She wrote: "I then sprayed on the mattress and it basically disappeared before my eyes."

After wiping down "with a little water", the woman added: "I can't believe Poligrip cleaned a stain on our mattress."

Along with treating pesky grass stains on white trainers and getting car seats looking as good as new, it seems like there's no cleaning task to great for these £1.50 whitening tablets.

And judging by their multipurpose nature, we're planning on stocking up while we still can - race you down to Superdrug?



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