'I'm 30 and single. And I only hook up with men 10 years younger than me.'

When you are single, people love to ask what you’re looking for.

Fortunately, I know exactly what I want. I want to have fun. And I want to do it with tall, dark and handsome men in their early 20s.

To date in the midst of a global pandemic, dating apps are your only friend. After downloading them and building my profiles almost immediatelypost-breakup - and with enough decent chats and dates to reinstill my confidence (and interest) in men over the last year, paired with my successful post-breakup glow-up and turning 30 with zero emotional turmoil - I was ready for a great summer.I was willing and open to pour A LOT of energy into giving these apps the best shot.

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'I'm 30 and single. And I only hook up with men 10 years younger than me.'

So when I sat myself down one temperate January evening with a red wine handy for a wild night of swiping, imagine the anticlimax of reading: Sorry, you’ve run out of profiles in your area! Expand your search.

Rather than up my distance to 30km to include the hinterlands (let’s be realistic peoples) – what else is there? Age. And we're all here to unpack how I found myself sliding that scale down instead of up…

So how did it go?

Can I distract you from the title momentarily to mention that this was a lovely date?

He took me to a fancy bar – that he found and booked, and paid for - where I had one too many dirty martinis, got a little drunk and invited him back to my place before slowly sobering up during Mulan and realising I didn’t wantthis to go any further than sharing some late-night instant noodles.

I've never kissed anyone with braces when we all had them, and it’s unfortunate to now say that I have.