How to Use a Dryer Sheet to Clean Your Toilet

Getting into all the cracks and crevices when you’re cleaning can be a real pain. Thankfully, when it comes to your toilet, there’s a TikTok hack to ensure it’s spotless.

According to content creator Amanda Kay Shepphard, a dryer sheet is the perfect cleaning tool for getting into tough spots and eliminating dust and hair.

How to Use a Dryer Sheet to Clean Your Toilet

In her video, Shepphard pulls a dryer sheet from a pack and uses it to clean in between the bowl and the tank, and as she does, the sheet picks up bits of long hair as well dust. While your brush or sponge might leave behind some of that residue, a dryer sheet will pick it right up.


If you’re not using a dryer sheet on your toilet before cleaning it… you’re doing it wrong! #cleantok #dryersheet #fyp

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Why does this work, though? While dryer sheets are designed to soften clothes and act as a fabric softener, they’re also helpful in eliminating static. As such, they’re able to draw in dust and hair and keep them attached to the sheet and away from your toilet. Plus, when used wet, they can even be used to tougher areas like ceiling fans.

If you’re planning to ditch dryer sheets for your laundry (which you might want to do according to one expert’s advice), using your leftover sheets to clean might not be a bad way to reduce waste.