How do you a clean a toilet brush and how often should you be doing it?

You’ve worked out how many towels you need and started washing them regularly.

Next up on our mission to sort out your bathroom and make you feel like a proper adult: What are you supposed to do with your toilet brush?

You know you need a toilet brush, of course. It’s essential for getting rid of any skidmarks in your loo and giving it a proper scrub.

But once you’ve used it to clean your toilet, do you then need to clean the brush? Is there any point if it’s going to go straight back in the toilet again?

You could faff around trying to wash it in the sink, but then you risk getting all kinds of nasty stuff on your sink.

Or you can ignore it, but know that there’s a little bucket of bacteria sitting in your bathroom each time you have a shower. Bleugh.

The answer is simple: Yes, you do need to clean your toilet brush, but you can do it without contaminating other surfaces.

How do you clean a toilet brush?

Ralitsa Prodanova, a domestic cleaning expert with Fantastic Services, tells ‘The best method is to get a bucket and some boiling water, then add a couple of caps of bleach.

‘Make sure you open a window to avoid any eye irritation and wear rubber gloves to protect your skin while working with bleach.

How do you a clean a toilet brush and how often should you be doing it?

‘Then simply put the brush in the water and leave to soak for an hour.

‘Once that is done, and the brush is drying, get the holder and give it a good going over with some disinfectant spray. Rinse off with hot water and dry with some paper towel.’

Easy, right?

Ralitsa notes that it’s not just the brush itself that needs cleaning, but the holder, too. Give this the same bleach treatment as you give the brush.

How often should you clean a toilet brush?

Do your toilet brush bleach soak at least once a week to keep it fresh.

‘Toilet brushes are a vital part of any functioning bathroom, but they are obviously capable of harbouring germs that can then spread to other items such as towels and bath mats,’ explains Ralitsa.

‘This procedure should be carried out at least once a week to make sure your bathroom and toilet are as hygienic as possible.’

She also notes that if you stack your toilet paper on the handle of the toilet brush, that’s a habit to break straight away.

She tells us: ‘While the rolls themselves are not the cleanest thing in your house by their very nature, lining them up with the brush handle through the middle is a sure-fire way of getting more germs onto the paper.’

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