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How do I know if my drains are blocked and what should I do?

Blocked drains are usually noticeable by the fact that the toilet will no longer flush away, or the manhole covers outside are overflowing.There may also be a bad smell coming from the drains.You may not realise straightaway that your drains are blocked, or it may just be your neighbours that are experiencing these problems.

Drainage issues Manage your cookies

The responsibility for unblocking a private drain usually lies with the owner of the property served by it, until it reaches the property boundary or sewer.A sewer is pipework that drains more than one property, and Yorkshire Water are responsible for most of these in our area.

You can find useful advice on how drainage pipework connects to your property and who is responsible, on the Yorkshire Water website.

To report a blocked sewer please contact Yorkshire Water on Tel: 0345 1 24 24 24.

If you need to unblock your private drain, you may need to employ a drainage contractor.These can be found in your local telephone directory, or by an internet search, and we suggest you get more than one quote.

Please note: for blocked road gullies, please contact the council’s highways maintenance section.