Dealer tried to flush drugs down toilet as police called at house

They also recovered small plastic bags, £600 in cash as well as seizing resident Isaac Callison’s phone, containing drug-related messaging.

Christine Egerton, prosecuting, said he was arrested and cautioned, confirming to police it was his cannabis, adding: “That’s all there is.”

But as he was waiting to be booked into the police station, word came through from officers still searching the house that two quantities of heroin had also been recovered from the bathroom.

A single gram deal, worth £10, was recovered from the toilet bowl, while a larger wrap, with a wholesale average value of £80, was found on the toilet seat.

Callison was interviewed and made no response.

The 36-year-old defendant denied possessing drugs of class A, heroin, and B, cannabis, with intent to supply as well as possessing the proceeds of crime, the £600.

Dealer tried to flush drugs down toilet as police called at house

But, with a trial pending, the case came back to court and he admitted the offences.

Miss Egerton said he has previous drug-related offending on his record, including three convictions for possessing heroin with intent to supply, for which he was jailed for 21 months in October 2005, earning a further custodial sentence in 2007, and, in March 2012, he received a six-year sentence at Teesside Crown Court.

Tony Davis, mitigating, said despite the lateness of the change of plea, Callison has finally come clean and prevented the need for a trial.

Judge James Adkin told Callison that on the arrival of police at the house he seemed to be in the process of trying to flush drugs down the toilet,

He said the money, phone messages and other items recovered were all indicative of dealing.

Judge Adkin said had he been convicted after trial, Callison would have received an eight-year prison sentence.

He gave him a 20-per cent deduction for his guilty pleas, however late, making a final sentence of six years and four months.

Judge Adkin also ordered forfeiture of the seized £600 found in the house and ordered destruction of the drugs and other items.