Coronavirus: Three alternatives to toilet roll

Eco-friendly companies like Cheeky Wipes and Little Lamb offer reusable wipes that are usually made of cotton or, even better, bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial.

You will need to do a little prep – including storing the wipes in a sealable container (sometimes included in the kits). You will need to add enough water to make them damp and you can also put in a few drops of essential oil.

You will also need a container for the used wipes before popping them in the washing machine. If you want to make the job a bit less icky you can bung the wipes in a washable mesh bag so you do not have to touch again until they are clean.

If you buy a ' kit' all the bits you need and the information is provided.

Coronavirus: Three alternatives to toilet roll

DIY wipes

Sheets, old T-shirts, or any sort of soft absorbent cloth that’s not being used anymore can be converted into wipes.

Run the material through the wash on a hot cycle to make sure the cloth is clean and pre-shrunk.

Measure and cut into a uniform size. You can use, store and wash them in a similar way to the above. Alternatively you can throw them away but that would create a lot of waste – and you will soon run out of material.

Instant bidet

Impress Crocodile Dundee with a bidet bowl. This portable tray fits in the toilet bowl for the hygienic convenience of a bidet without the expense. Simply pour in warm water, pop the soap in the holder provided and it's ready. Who needs bog roll?

Alternatively Tonelife offers a travel bidet which is sort of like a toilet water pistol and can easily fit in a handbag. Fill with cold or warm water, screw the cap on, then point the nozzle you know where and squeeze.