COLUMN: A new way of camping

There are a number of important elements to remember when camping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COLUMN: A new way of camping

Life will probably never be the same again after the COVID-19 pandemic. The other day, I compiled a list of the items we will need to get when going camping. It includes enough masks for everyone who’s camping, a mop, a bag for my own roll of white gold, a compact hot-water appliance and a spray bottle with hand sanitiser for each person.

Camping shops stock some great bags made with tear-resistant canvas for carrying loo paper. Get one, as you won’t have to touch the resort’s own rolls then. Everyone needs to wear a clean mask every day. This could turn out to be a lot of fun and you can buy masks that match each of your camping outfits – while starting a new camping-oriented fashion trend.

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21 Mar

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