Can denture tablets clean your toilet?

We’ve read reports online of denture tablets being used as an effective toilet cleaner. Intrigued, we wanted to find out if they really work.

Our Which? researcher tried out some denture tablets on a much-neglected loo in the hope that they would provide an easy and cheap fix. But unfortunately, they did not produce the hoped for results.

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Can denture tablets clean your toilet?

Denture tablets vs traditional limescale remover

First our researcher tried one denture tablet, waited for it to dissolve and then gave the toilet a scrub with the loo brush to see if there was any difference – there wasn’t. Then she tried leaving one overnight – but no joy.

And then she repeated the process using two, then three, and then four denture tablets at once. There was no appreciable difference after all attempts.

Finally, she resorted to a branded limescale remover. The change was almost immediate and, after a second dose, the majority of the limescale was gone.

So, unfortunately, denture tablets didn’t work as a cost-effective cleaner for her. This is despite lots of positive reviews on the internet. We’d suggest you are better off buying a limescale remover designed to do the job.

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