Bloo Launches New Toilet Cleaner To Its Range

The two new variants include:

-Juicy Peach & Sweet Apple - experience refreshing peach fruit note when dry and sweet apple scent after flushing.

-Green Apple and Water Lily – fuses the fresh scent of green apple when dry and sweet fragrance of water lily after every flush.

The rim blocks last up to 240 flushes and provides extra freshness and protects against limescale and dirt for a sparklingly clean and dirt-free toilet bowl.

Bloo’s three step ‘regime clean’ aims to keep the loo protected. It includes:


Bloo Launches New Toilet Cleaner To Its Range

Bloo Fragrance Switch: The rim blocks combine power balls and Aqua Active technology to actively clean the toilet bowl between flushes. RRP*: £2.50


Bloo In-Cistern- Bloo in-cistern blocks clean from the cistern to the bowl with every flush and turns the water coloured. It lasts up to eight weeks, helps prevent limescale and protect the toilet from dirt and grime. RRP*: £2


Bloo Fragrance Cleaner - Can’t stand the smell of bleach? Bloo’s perfumed toilet gel leaves the bathroom smelling fresher than ever and acts as a deep cleaning agent. It contains essential oils and is 100% anti-limescale, leaving the toilet bowl sparkling every time. It should be used twice a week for deep cleaning and the ultimate shine.

Nikki Vadera, Marketing Director for Henkel, the producers of Bloo, comments: “We love providing people with unique scents that can liven up their experience of using and cleaning the bathroom. As people now get two scents in one, they don’t need to spend time thinking about which one to buy.”

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Stockist: Amazon, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Ocado, Tesco, Wilko, Savers, Nisway, Decco, Petty Wood, CDS, TJ Morris

RRP*: £2.50