Bathroom Hack: Toothpaste Tubes In Your Toilet Tank

I saw a simple bathroom hack on Facebook that will keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh that you might want to try.

One of the household chores that people hate doing is cleaning the toilet. I'll admit, that it grosses me out, but not as much as seeing a filthy, smelly toilet. It has to be clean in order for my tushy to sit on it. However, working up the motivation to clean the bathroom can sometimes be a chore within itself. A couple of days ago, my dad shared a video with me on easy bathroom hacks that actually work. One of these hacks in particular really stood out to me and I had to share it with you too.

Apparently, people are using toothpaste to clean their toilet bowl and the interesting part is that they don't have to do any cleaning at all. The hack works with a simple flush of the toilet.

Bathroom Hack: Toothpaste Tubes In Your Toilet Tank

According to the lifestyle website Fabiosa, putting a tube of toothpaste in your toilet tank will clean your toilet bowl and also keep it smelling in minty fresh, not poopy fresh. Not only that, but it will also save you some money on cleaning supplies too because this hack will keep your toilet clean and fresh for a long period of time.

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You will want to buy a tube of menthol toothpaste. It doesn't matter what brand or how cheap it is, as long as you have menthol toothpaste, this hack will work. You're going to want to cut or pierce as many holes in the tube as possible. Once you have those roles in the tube, place it in your toilet tank. The idea is that every time you flush, a small amount of toothpaste will be released, providing a "small disinfection" in conjunction with a minty, refreshing smell. That's it. They claim that this tube of toothpaste could last as long as a month or so before you will have to replenish.

Now, of course, you will still have to clean the toilet seat and around the toilet as usual, but this will give you one less thing to do on cleaning day. Plus you won't have to worry about how bad your bathroom smells after you use it.

You can see this hack and others in the video below:

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