Aussie mum shares ‘squeegee’ TikTok hack to remove pungent smells from your toilet

An Aussie mum has shared her simple cleaning hack for removing urine smells from your toilet, using some very unlikely supermarket buys.

Posting on TikTok, cleaning expert Dee - whose handle is @themodepursuit - revealed how she banishes the unsightly odours from her bathroom using a squeegee and some shaving foam.

Watch the mum’s toilet squeegee hack above

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In the video, Dee simply sprays shaving foam around the base of the toilet and surrounding tiles before scrubbing with a tile grout brush.

She then uses the window squeegee to clean up the excess foam.

Shaving foam has been a popular cleaning weapon in the fight against toilet urine smells for some years, however many have complained that it can be difficult to clean up.

However Dee’s squeegee technique makes the messy job “so much easier”.

Aussie mum shares ‘squeegee’ TikTok hack to remove pungent smells from your toilet

How it works

The TikTok user says the technique is great for anyone with kids - adding that it “works when you have adult males too!”

“Cleaned your toilet and there are still urine odours?” she said in the new video.

“You probably have kids!

“Grab a squeegee and a grout cleaning brush and some shaving foam.

“Spray all over the base an scrub grout with brush.

“Squeegee up the foam, wipe with damp cloth.”

Other TikTok users were excited by the toilet trick.

“I have a son with no sense of direction,” said one.

“Thank you for this information. He is going to love cleaning his toilet. Well, maybe not!”

Added another: “Or a male who is half asleep!

Said a third: “Such a good hack!”