7 cult cleaning products influencers swear by

Do you have these iconic products? - byOlivia Hart

There are plenty of ways to cut corners when it comes to cleaning your house. Doing a little bit every day is one way, but the best method is to use the most effective products. There’s nothing worse than finishing a big spring clean only to find streaky windows where they should be spotless, or an oven that still looks greasy because the cleaning products used weren't effective.

No one should have to dedicate their whole weekend to deep cleaning their home like a professional just to get results. It's much better rely on products that have been tested by everyday people and shot to cult-status as a result of word-of-mouth recommendations.

While some products can be overhyped, these products deserve the attention they get and the cult-followings they've amassed.

This eco-certified brand aims to simplify cleaning with a streamlined product range that can be used to clean almost every surface in your home. The best-selling mop, however, is a crowd favourite for a reason. The lightweight design removes the need for a bucket, while the highly-efficient formula leaves your floors sparkling clean. Designed with a built-in canister that you can pour your solution straight into, and a trigger you pull to release the spray. Shoppers also appreciate Koh's value for money. If you purchase a Koh Starter Bundle, for example, you can save up to 60%.


These cleaning blocks are well deserving of their name, as they really do work like magic! Paired with some warm water, these chunky sponges can wipe away grime and grot in no time. Use them to clean the shower, keep your furniture bright or even rewind time by making your white shoes scuff-free again.

7 cult cleaning products influencers swear by

Magic erasers are one of the most affordable cult items on this list. You order them online at Coles on eBay, or find them in store. Kmart sells them for $2 or you can pick them up from Woolies for no more than $6. While there are few things a magic eraser can't clean, there are still several to avoid.

Even though this coveted product is well-known, many don't realise how useful it really is. A professional cleaner shared her method for cleaning grout on tiled floors and her secret weapon was the Napisan Stain Remover. She mixed two scoops of the powder with water before scrubbing and her floors looked better than ever. This product also works wonder on a oven, or for its intended purpose: removing stains from clothes.

This miracle cleaner is the answer to all your toilet woes. When one woman was having issues removing stains from the bottom of her aged toilet, she discovered this heavy duty descaler was the only thing that worked. Many people have since tried the hack with similar success and discovered it also works wonders on home appliances, and tiles or grout.


There are many general food and drink items you’d have in your cupboard that make great cleaning products, one of the higher price items is vodka which can clean glass, bathrooms, diamonds, and even has its uses in the garden. However if you have a smaller budget, why not try vinegar?

As far as natural and eco-friendly products go for cleaning, you can't look past vinegar as it's one of the most versatile and effective liquid. Made up of 90-95 per cent water, vinegar is biodegradable, vegan, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. Just some of the household items you can clean with vinegar include: refrigerator, washing machine, shower, stove grates and so many more.

Want your house to smell as good as it looks? This multi-purpose cleaner from Aldi will do the trick. The product went viral on social media early last year when it dropped in stores, and received rave reviews from professional cleaners to mums. Another top contender from Aldi is Di San Oxy Action PreWash Stain Remover, which made the list for Aldi's top 10 favourite products of 2020 and is also revered as one of the best stain removers.

Get the most out of your daily dishwasher cycles with these top-rated dishwashing tablets. They came in number one in Choice's list of top performing tablets, scoring a 78 per cent out of 100. The product also took out top spot for cheapest tablet and was rated a B on an ethical rating scale of A to F.

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