11 Unexpected Uses For Denture Tablets

Because dentures are not as sturdy as natural teeth, denture cleaners are gentle and non-abrasive yet effective for cleaning numerous stains — and that includes stains that aren’t on your teeth.

In fact, denture tabs can be used to remove gunk and grime from an assortment of surfaces. They’re also affordable and easy to come by, so there’s no reason not to try some of these cleaning hacks using denture tablets to save yourself some time, effort and cash.

Clean Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are an environmentally friendly and affordable way to drink more water. However, they can also be filled with bacteria, and washing them can be tough. Many are not dishwasher safe, and their shapes can make it difficult to get inside to scrub.

After scrubbing what you can with soapy water and a clean bottle brush, fill your vessel with water and drop in a couple of denture tabs. Leave them overnight and wash them squeaky clean the next day. This is a terrific way to clean thermoses, vases and other containers, as well.

Remove Stains from Plastic Storage Containers

Storage containers let you turn leftovers into lunch, but some ingredients can stain the plastic bowls. Depending on the severity of the stain (and whether or not it has been microwaved onto the surface), you might be able to get rid of it with denture cleaner. Just fill with warm water, drop in a couple of tablets and let them stand for a day.

11 Unexpected Uses For Denture Tablets

Sanitize Shoes

Smelly sneakers might not be machine washable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t disinfect them. Place shoes in a bucket of hot water along with several denture tablets. Soak overnight, rinse and air dry.

Scrub the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet bowl is a job nobody wants. But denture cleaner can do some of the dirty work for you. Drop one into the bowl, wait half an hour and scrub away any lingering stains.

Get Rid of Sofa Stains

Light-colored sofas can be a nightmare, especially when you have children or pets. Try this couch cleaning trick: Fill a spray bottle with warm water and denture cleansing tablets. Spray the sofa, scrub with a stiff brush and pull away the dirty water with a towel.

Clean Up Cloudy Glass

Crystal or transparent colored glass can become foggy, especially with age or dishwasher use. Denture cleaner might be the solution. Fill or submerge the object in warm water, drop in a denture tab and wait. After a while, rinse the glass clean.

Make Jewelry Sparkle

No need to buy pricey cleaner for gold and diamonds. Place your lackluster jewelry in a container with warm water and a denture tab or two for an effervescent bath that makes them gleam again. Just don’t use this trick on turquoise, pearls, lapis or emeralds.

Remove Coffee Stains

If your favorite morning mug is looking dirty and dingy, scrubbing with soap might not cut through the grime. Try filling it with warm water and a single denture cleaning tablet. When the fizzing is finished, wash the cup clean.

Freshen Coffeemakers

Coffee makers can get clogged with buildup over time. While vinegar does a fine job of cleaning the machine, the smell can be off-putting. Instead, add denture tabs to the water before cleaning and let the cleansing bubbles do the job.

Wipe Away Grout Stains

Got grimy grout? Add two denture tablets to a spray bottle filled with warm water. After the tabs dissolve, spray the mixture onto stained grout and scour with a stiff brush. Wipe clean to reveal tile you are proud to display.

Bonus: Clean Horse Bits

This denture tablet hack might not be applicable to most homes, but it is worth mentioning for its handiness. Soaking the metal bits in water and foaming tabs will help remove the muck and mire that can accumulate. And that is straight from the horse’s mouth!