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Some anime characters have such bad luck that it's funny. Often, these characters become the comic relief during stories that are otherwise growing progressively darker by the episode. Regardless, characters with such hilariously bad luck find themselves constantly struggling with hilariously uncanny predicaments.

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Whether it's the result of clumsiness or finding themselves in the wrong place during a terrible time, these anime characters keep finding themselves in sticky situations that often get them laughed at. Seriously, it is a bit of a mystery how some of these characters manage to stumble upon these unfortunate situations so often throughout the story.

10 Kamijou Touma's Bad Luck Earned Him The Title Of "God Of Pestilence"

Kamijo Touma from Toaru Majutsu No Index is known for his bad luck. Throughout childhood, others regarded him as a jinx because of the awful luck that his right hand creates for himself and everyone around him. Because of this, Kamijo earned the title of the "God of Pestilence."

The power in his right hand is called the "Imagine Breaker," which blocks Kamijo from receiving any blessings at all. People often blame Kamijo for their shortcomings. He was even attacked by a superstitious man who went bankrupt because he blamed Kamijo for everything terrible that happened.

9 Takemichi's Misfortune Seems Never-ending

Takemichi Hanagaki from Tokyo Revengers is very unlucky. In Tokyo Revengers' grand scheme, his entire role is unfortunate because he's forced to go back in time to save his girlfriend, then he gets caught up in a bunch of drama between gangs. He's known to be a massive crybaby, so the fact that he often finds himself in so many misfortunate situations becomes even more hilarious.

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Though a lot of his misfortune has traumatized him, a few incidents could just be chalked up to bad timing and being in the wrong place. For example, when he got caught in the middle of Mikey and Draken's argument, and the two started throwing all of Takemichi's personal belongings at each other—then, Takemichi realized that he had dog poop on his head the entire time he was yelling at the two to stop.

8 Yamcha Is One Of The Most Unlucky Characters Of All Time

Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z is very unlucky. He always seems to be on a downward trajectory. He's often the target of many jokes in the Dragon Ball Z fandom because of how notoriously godawful the man's luck is. While the rest of the Z Fighters became stronger, Yamcha somehow became the weakest link in the whole series.

Of course, he broke up with his girlfriend, Bulma—then, unfortunately, died during a battle against the Saibamen. Yamcha's bad luck only grew throughout the anime.

www.cbr.com 10 Anime Characters Who Have Hilariously Bad Luck

7 Jean Pierre Polnareff's Bad Luck Isn't Confined Solely To Bathrooms

Any fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure knows that Jean Pierre Polnareff had godawful luck in bathrooms throughout Stardust Crusaders. Starting with what happened in India, it's understandable that he was mortified when a pig stuck its' head out of the toilet, he got attacked by J. Geil in the mirror's reflection, and Enya trapped him in a bathroom and forced him to lick a disgusting toilet clean.

However, his bad luck isn't solely confined to bathrooms. Unfortunately for Polnareff, he always seems to find himself in compromising situations. He had no idea that Enya was J.Geil's mother, and he kept trying to be friendly with her, even offering her a massage and talking about the possibility of her having kids. Polnareff also seems to have bad luck with Iggy, who often antagonizes him and farts in his face.

6 Tomoko Kuroki Had No Luck Making Friends

Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote was very excited about starting high school. She had a preconceived notion that she would be very popular and make friends as soon as the school year started. However, for the first two months, absolutely nobody talked to Tomoko. She felt more determined after this, but all of her efforts were futile.

Perhaps her bad luck can be justified by the fact that she has no filter between her head and her mouth, saying whatever pops into her head, such as when she mocked Nemoto for a wardrobe malfunction.

5 Denki Kaminari Often Gets Rejected & Yelled At

Denki Kaminari is certainly not the brightest student of Class 1-A in My Hero Academia. Perhaps this is why he always seems to have bad luck. Granted, he never has any bad intentions, he's very reckless in his approach to life. He tries flirting with girls often, but he's not very good at it.

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Additionally, he's not the best at dealing with stressful situations and can easily be written off as spineless. Since he tends to follow Bakugo around for no real reason, he's often the target of Bakugo's verbal assault just for being there.

4 Oingo & Boingo Always Have Their Plans Foiled By Iggy

Oingo and Boingo are antagonists during Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. Their luck is terrible. They initially tried poisoning the Joestar group at a café, but Iggy foiled their plans by stealing a customer's cake and causing chaos. Then, Oingo tried disguising himself as Jotaro to protect himself from getting attacked after planting a bomb in the Joestar group's car. He tried throwing the bomb out the window, but Iggy unknowingly saved the day again when he fetched it and brought it back.

Boingo, meanwhile, was forced to team up with Hol Horse. After the Joestar group inevitably defeats the duo, Boingo wonders if he should use his stand, Tohth, for good. He kicks the crate he was hiding under with hopes of moving forward with a new life, only for it to land on Iggy's head. Iggy instantly attacked Boingo.

3 Rin Okumura Had A Terrible Day, Then He Found Out That He's Satan's Son

Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist has terrible luck that's apparent in the anime's very first episode. The episode shows him struggling to work in a grocery store, knocking entire shelves over, making a complete mess out of things, and getting yelled at by his manager.

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When Rin thought that he would be able to keep his job because he impressed his manager with his cooking skills, a small monkey-like demon made a complete mess of the store, causing Rin to get fired. Of course, his bad luck didn't end there. He got attacked by a group of people possessed by demons. One of them explained that Rin is Satan's son.

2 Gintama Can't Function Without Taizou Hasegawa's Bad Luck

Taizou Hasegawa from Gintama's bad luck is a significant piece of comedic relief for the anime. His misfortunes only seem to keep piling up on top of each other. Taizou had a solid career working in the government, but he got fired. His wife didn't want to put up with a jobless husband, so she divorced him.

Throughout the anime, Taizou makes numerous failed attempts to find a new job and get back together with his ex-wife. Unfortunately for him, nothing seems to work out. Fortunately for the audience, his bad luck sure makes excellent comedy.

1 Koichi Hirose Finds Himself In Awful Situations Quite A Lot

One of the unluckiest characters in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is Koichi Hirose from Part 4. This guy always seems to find himself in questionable situations. First, he got shot with the Stand arrow because of Keicho. Then, he gets caught up in numerous misfortunate situations. He was conned by Tamami, who threatened Koichi's entire family.

Then, Koichi gets stalked and kidnapped by Yukako. After that, he visits Rohan, who ended up using Koichi as material for his manga. Even in Part 5, Koichi's lousy luck never stops. As soon as Koichi arrived in Italy, Giorno tricked him, who ultimately stole his luggage and turned it into a frog.

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