WWE NXT 2.0 Results For March 15, 2022

It’s Tuesday night and that means a brand new episode of WWE NXT for March 15th, and Ringside News has you covered with live play-by-play results coverage. Start time for NXT is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

We’re only a few weeks away from NXT Stand & Deliver, and tonight’s show will see another Superstar from Monday Night RAW make his debut. The Miz will grace NXT with his presence for an episode of Miz TV, where his guests will be Robert Roode and NXT Champion, Dolph Ziggler. We’re confident Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa won’t sit idly by.

Last week Carmelo Hayes decided that Superstars would have to qualify to get into his Fatal 5 Way NXT North American Title Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver, and tonight the first qualifying match takes place as Cameron Grimes faces Santos Escobar. Elsewhere, NXT UK Superstar, A-Kid, will make his debut against Kushida, Tiffany Stratton faces the Power Ranger, Sarray, and Indi Hartwell faces her (former?) best friend, Persia Pirotta.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!

NXT 2.0

This week’s NXT opens with a graphic commemorating the passing of WWE Hall of Famer, Scott Hall.

We’re live in the CWC and The Miz makes his way to an NXT ring for the first time ever. The Miz says it feels good to be in NXT and the fans start chanting his name. Miz says he’s here because the man who turned WrestleMania weekend on its head, a friend and enemy of his, asked him to come here this week and interview him. Miz introduces the NXT Champion, Dolph Ziggler, and former NXT Champion, Robert Roode.

Miz asks Ziggler how it feels and he says he’s been outmanouvering everyone for fifteen years and finally he’s earned it. Miz says the title looks good on him and that he loves how Dolph just walked in and took the title from the rookie. Ziggler says he is NXT. Miz says everyone is probably expecting “the rookie” Bron Breakker to show up here and break things, but he won’t be. We see a video of Breakker arriving at the arena earlier today in a rage, looking for Ziggler. He couldn’t find him and left in a rage.

Roode says a rookie like Bron doesn’t understand you have to follow the rules, which is what they and it’s why they’re here as NXT Champion. Ziggler says he’s a fighting Champion and he loves wrestling. He doesn’t do it for the pats on the back or the money – and they have a lot of it – he does it because… LA Knight interrupts proceedings. Knight says he told Dolph the doors were open any given Tuesday and look at him now, he’s NXT Champion. But if Breakker isn’t here to challenge for the title then he’s stepping up to bat.

Ziggler says he’s a fighting Champion, but he only fights Superstars. He thanks Knight and tells him to hit the brakes. Miz says Dolph is kinda right. Yeah, Knight is a freak of nature and when he speaks everybody listens. He’s going to be a star, but he’s not yet. Knight takes off his jacket and says they’re right, he’s not a Superstar, he’s a mega-star! This is his show and Ziggler has something that belongs to him. So if he thinks NXT is Ziggler, prove it. Ziggler says he only wrestles in the main event and when Knight figures out where that is he’ll be waiting. The Miz announces the match is happening tonight!

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Cora Jade is interviewed backstage and asked about attacking Mandy Rose last week. Jade says Toxic Attraction has Hell to pay, but she has a good feeling they’ll be looking for her too. Jade reveals that she’s stolen all of Toxic Attraction’s title belts!

North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier

Cameron Grimes Vs. Santos Escobar W/Legado Del Fantasma

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are on commentary. Santos grabs a headlock, gets shot off, and drops Grimes with a shoulder. Grimes then cartwheels over Escobar, while Carmelo says he beat Pete Dunne so bad he left NXT and changed his name! Grimes grabs a headlock but he gets shot off and Escobar drops him with a dropkick and poses.

Grimes chops Escobar into the corner but gets dropped and stomped. The fans are very split between these two. Escobar kicks Grimes in the chest and chops him. Escobar hits an enziguiri and follows-up with a dropkick. Escobar with a snapmare and a kick to the back for a two-count. Grimes catches Escobar with a headscissors and he rolls out of the ring. Grimes goes to the apron and looks to kick Santos but Wilde and Mendoza distract him, allowing Escobar to trip him.

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Grimes runs at Escobar but gets sent shoulder-first into the buckles. Escobar runs for double knees but Grimes flips him over to the apron. Escobar hits an enziguiri and goes up top for a spinning double axe handle and a two-count. Grimes fights up from a submission and then hits a running forearm that knocks Santos out of the ring. Grimes goes to the apron and again Wilde and Mendoza block his way, but this time Grimes dives over them with a senton to Escobar.

Grimes gets Escobar back in the ring and jumps off the top rope but gets caught with a Codebreaker. Escobar covers but Cameron kicks out at two. They both hit the ropes and Grimes hits a spinning crossbody for a near-fall. Santos with a switch knee, then wants a Phantom Driver but Grimes slides off and lands a superkick. Grimes wants the Cave-In but Escobar catches him in mid-air with the Phantom Driver and the win.

Winner: Santos Escobar

Next week is the finals of the Dusty Cup. Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray cut a promo in which they say they don’t care for friends but they have a common enemy in Toxic Attraction. They teamed-up solely to win Championship gold and destroy Toxic Attraction.

Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai are backstage. Kai says she doesn’t think they can win the tournament. Choo says it will be tough but they can do it. Toxic Attraction appear and are looking for their title belts. They tell Choo and Kai they’re welcome for helping them win last week, but Kai and Choo say they didn’t need help. Toxic Attraction says they did it because they can.

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A-Kid Vs. Kushida W/Ikemen Jiro

The winner of this match will face Grayson Waller next week in a North American Championship Ladder Match qualifier. They lock-up and A-Kid takes Kushida down and traps his head between his legs. Kushida gets free and spins around him on the mat. They get back to their feet and reverse each other a few times, then A-Kid hits a dropkick. A-Kid once played for Real Madrid’s youth team, according to Wade Barrett.

They continue to exchange holds and counters until Kushida grabs a Boston crab. A-Kid crawls to the bottom rope to force the break but Kushida drops him again. A-Kid avoids Kushida in the corner and hits a German suplex, then follows-up with a northern lights suplex for a near-fall. Kushida kicks the elbow of A-Kid, but the Spaniard fires back with a Pele kick. A-Kid grabs the wrist, chops the chest, then hits a springboard DDT for the win!

Winner: A-Kid

Santos Escobar is interviewed backstage and he says he is the greatest luchador of all-time. Stand & Deliver is his time. He will be new North American Champion. Rey and Dominik Mysterio walk-up and Santos shakes his hand. Dominik says if they’re talking about the greatest luchador of all-time, his dad is right here. Elektra says Santos is going to break all Rey’s records and set new bars for lucha. Rey says if anyone is going to do that, it’s Dominik. Wilde and Menoza laugh, then Dominik says he didn’t come here to talk. Santos says he’s going to regret this.

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WWE NXT 2.0 Results For March 15, 2022

As Sarray is making her preposterous entrance Tiffany Stratton attacks her. “Sarray not even able to transform” was a legitamate sentence from Vic Joseph. Stratton beats her into the ring and the match starts in earnest.

Sarray Vs. Tiffany Stratton

Stratton beats Sarray in the corner, then runs at her but gets kicked away. Sarray kicks her against the bottom rope, then looks for the hanging dropkick but Stratton avoids it and Sarray falls out of the ring. Stratton connects with a handspring splash in the ring, then hits a spinning Vader Bomb for the win.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Knight is getting ready backstage when Gunther approaches him. Gunther asys Knight uses his mouth to get opportunities and he doesn’t respect that. Knight says if he’s looking for the first opportunity once he’s Champion, he can have it. Gunther says Knight doesn’t look like a Champion to him. Knight says it’s called sports entertainment and Gunther has the first part down but he’s both and Gunther can step in line.

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We see Jacy Jayne wandering around backstage, looking for her NXT Tag Team Title belt. She finds it hanging up near some shelves. She pulls on the belt and it triggers doors to lock her in. Cora Jade runs up and mocks her.

Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring and pays a tribute to Razor Ramon along the way. Ciampa sits on the top rope and the fans chant his name. He says he wants to take the opportunity tonight to talk about gratitude. Sometimes he looks around and can’t believe this is his life. He’s ben doing this for seventeen years and the entire time he wanted to find a place he could call home.

He wanted somebody to give him the chance to prove he can be the guy. It’s hard to explain because he’s always had the feeling if he got the opportunity to run with the ball he would take it. And finally that chance came with NXT. Success wasn’t immediate or guaranteed in NXT, but seldom do good things come in easy in life. He’s been here since 2015 and went from D.I.Y to psycho killer, glorious bombs to Blackheart, and he was the best NXT Champion of all-time.

Ciampa says the whole time the fans were with him, cheering and booing loud as Hell. He remembers New Orleans when he walked out with no music and the fans booed loud, they all knew he was the guy. It’s been a long journey of ups-and-downs, surgeries, black and gold to 2.0. Through it all, he never left and the fans didn’t either. The fans chant “please don’t go”. He says he doesn’t know what’s next because he always felt that he’d know when the chapter was ending. And for the last few months it’s kinda felt that way.

So what would his fairytale ending be? He thought walking into Stand & Deliver as NXT Champion would be the perfect way out. But he lost that opportunity last week. And now he’s been wondering how to close out the chapter in a way that makes sense. He doesn’t have the answer but he does know you don’t often get the chance to say thank you before it’s all over. So he wants to say, from the bottom of his heart, thank everyone for the last seven years.

Suddenly Tony D’Angelo gets in the ring with his crowbar but throws it down. D’Angelo says he could have hit Ciampa but this is different, he respects him. Enough to talk to him man-t0-man. He’s been asking himself who he has to beat to get himself in the history books? Who can make him the man? Well now he’s standing in front of that guy. The man of NXT.

It would be an honor for the family if Ciampa would throw hands with him at Stand & Deliver. D’Angelo offers his hand and Ciampa shakes it. D’Angelo then knees Ciampa in the groin! The fans chant “Ciampa’s gonna kill you!” Tony grabs his head and yells that, at Stand & Deliver, he will become the new Don of NXT. D’Angelo gives Ciampa the kiss of death and drops him.

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Indi Hartwell Vs. Persia Pirotta

The partners shake hands at the start but Persia won’t let go. Indi shoves her but Pirotta shoves her back and Hartwell falls. Persia whips Indi to the corner then grabs her from behind but Hartwell elbows her. Pirotta drops Indi on the top rope with snake eyes, then splashes her. Persia takes Indi down and targets her wrist but Hartwell fights free and whips her to the corner.

Hartwell hits a bulldog for a two-count. She goes to the apron and knocks Persia back but suddenly Duke Hudson appears at ringside and distracts Hartwell, allowing Persia to pick her up. Dexter Lumis crawls out from uner the ring and Persia is shocked, allowing Indi to slide off her shoulders and roll her up for the win!

Winner: Indi Hartwell

After the match Indi and Lumis stand opposite Persia and Hudson. The two couples then try to out-do each other with PDA’s. It ends with Indi ripping Dexter’s shirt off and taking him down to the mat, then Persia does the same to Hudson.

Gigi Dolan is outside the arnea searching for her NXT Tag Title and she finds it in a dumpster. She climbs in to retrieve the belt but suddenly Cora Jade turns on a pick-up and traps Gigi inside the dumpster. Jade wipes her hands and says “two down, one to go.”

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Raul Mendoza W/Legado Del Fantasma Vs. Dominik Mysterio W/Rey Mysterio

The match begins and the fans are firmly behind Dominik, who locks hands with Mendoza. Dominik climbs onto his shoulders on his knees, and his a sunset flip. Dominik with a headscissors but Raul lansd on his feet. Dominik then hits a springboard arm-drag and follows-up with a dropkick. Dominik goes to the top rope but Mendoza grabs his foot and yanks him off.

Mendoza stays on top for a minute but then hits a springboard crossbody and a headsicssors. Mendoza sends him to the apron but Dominik punches him back and climbs to the top rope. Elektra Lopez gets on the apron and distracts Dominik, allowing Raul to hit an enziguiri. Suddenly Fallon Henley appears at ringside and pulls Elektra off the apron.

Legado Del Fantasma come face-to-face with Henley, but she has back-up in the form of Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen. Rey spins Santos around and drops him with a right hand! Inside the ring, Dominik knocks Mendoza onto the middle rope with a headsicssors and follows-up with a 619. Dominik heads up top and lands a frog splash for the win!

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

We see a video package for the incredible career of WWE Hall of Famer, Scott Hall, who sadly passed away yesterday.

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Cora Jade is outside the Capitol Wrestling Centre and she finds Mandy Rose’s new SUV. She has a can of spray paint but she looks at the NXT Championship and says this is what she wants and drops the can. Cora gets into the SUV but when she adjuts the mirror we see Mandy Roe in the backseat. Rose slams her head into the sterring wheel. They get out of the car and Rose beats Cora down in the parking lot. Mandy says if Jade wants to fight her that’s just fine because she’s not on her level. Mandy gets the spray can and sprays Jade’s back, then Gigi and Jayne join her.

The Creed Brothers roll into the ring and say last week they got attacked before their opportunity for the NXT Team Titles. They want whoever attacked them to come out and get their asses beat like men. MSK come out wearing NWO shirts. Wes Lee says “hey yo”, and denies attacking The Creed Brothers. They say they told the Creed’s they could get first shot at them if they won the titles, but they come here bitching and blame them.

Malcolm Bivens says there will no more line-cutting around here, the Creed Brother’s are next in line. The two teams bicker. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel appear on the podium above the arena. Barthel says it’s hilarious watching all of them argue about titles they can never win. Bivensa sys it’s one thing for them to stand up there and talk, but how about they come down and put those titles on the line against his boys.

Wes Lee says at least they have the balls to face the Creed’s face-to-face, unlike Aichner and Barthel who know they’d get bitch-slapped by anyone in the ring. Aichner laughs and says they’d be happy to put their belts on the line in a triple threat match at Stand & Deliver. Barthel says Bivens likes to talk about perception and reality. Well the perception will be that they are at a disadvantage in a triple threat, but in reality Imperium fears no-one.

Camron Grimes is interviewed backstage and he says all he’s donelately is disappoint. He’s going to be at home watching Stand & Deliver. He awnts to be there and win the North American Championship. The last thing he ever told his father was that he’d signed for NXT and would become a Champion, yet three years later he still hasn’t done it. He’s just a disappointment.

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Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, and the Grizzled Young Veterans are arguing backstage and Malcolm Bivens tells them to shut up. He just needs to know if any of them attacked the Creed Brothers. Blade and Enofe say they couldn’t have because they were attacking Mandy Rose’s butlers. Zack Gibson says how can Bivens trust those “creepy little simps?” Bivens asks them if they did it and Julian and Brutus join him. Gibson says they didn’t but if they’d known they’d get a title shot they would have. Bivens says they can run it back next week and put this to rest once and for all.

NXT Championship

(C) Dolph Ziggler W/Robert Roode Vs. LA Knight

The main event gets underway with a lock-up and Knight over-powers Ziggler before knocking him flying with a shoulder tackle. They lock-up again and Ziggler grabs the leg. Ziggler takes Knight down with a headlock but he quickly fights up and hits a back elbow. Knight twists the arm but Dolph lands a few right hands and rakes the eyes.

Knight counters a back suplex and hits a neckbreaker for a two-count. Knight counters a roll-up and clotheslines Ziggler over the ropes. Roode checks on Ziggler and gets him back in the ring but Knight instantly catches him with a high-angle body slam for a near-fall. Ziggler rolls out of the ring as we head to the final break.

*Commercial Break*

We return live to see Dolph jump on Knight’s back with a sleeper. Knight slowly fights up with Ziggler on his back and runs him into the buckles to break the submission. Ziggler runs for a Fame-Asser but Knight counters by slamming him into the mat. Knight lands some nice right hands and backs Ziggler into the corner and stomps him down.

Knight hits a running knee and an elbow drop for a near-fall. The camera cuts to outside the building where Bron Breakker arrives at the building and makes his way inside! Knight grabs Ziggler from behind but Dolph elbows him. Knight runs Ziggler into the buckles, then lifts him onto the top rope and climbs up. Knight wants a superplex but Ziggler fights him off.

Knight quickly leaps back up and hits a quick superplex and covers Dolph but the Champion kicks out! Knight lifts Ziggler up but Roode gets on the apron and causes a distraction. Knight swings for Roode and Ziggler looks to capitalize but Knight hits him with a Death Valley driver and pins but Ziggler gets his foot on the bottom rope. Knight looks for the B.F.T but Ziggler shoves him away. Knight runs at Dolph but nobody’s home, then Ziggler hits a superkick and covers for the win.

Winner: Dolph ziggler

As soon as the match ends Bron Breakker’s music hits and he marches down to the ring. Breakker gets the microphone and says he’s not waiting to get his rematch, he wants Ziggler at Stand & Deliver. Roode moves for Breakker but eats a right hand. Ziggler holds the title up in Bron’s face and says Stand & Deliver sounds damn good to him.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.