Woman shares 'magic' cleaning hack to restore burnt pans and leave them looking new

A woman has raved about a cleaning hack she found on TikTok to completely restore burnt pots and pans - and others are blown away by the results after trying it themselves.

A video shared on the platform has racked up millions of views, claiming you can get rid of years of grime and scorch marks using just a few simple ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen cupboard.

Posting to a cleaning group on Facebook, one viewer said: "I've fallen for the TikTok cleaning hack and tried this today and safe to say all pots will be getting done."

She shared before and after photos, showing her frying pan which was once brown underneath to be transformed, uncovering the shiny silver base once again.

The viral video begins by sprinkling salt onto the base of the pan, before adding baking soda and washing up liquid, and mixing it all together by lightly scrubbing.

Woman shares 'magic' cleaning hack to restore burnt pans and leave them looking new

You then cover the pan with paper towels, pour over white vinegar and leave for five minutes before simply wiping away the years of stains that no amount of scrubbing could ever budge.

She wrote: "Some of my pots needed a little extra elbow grease as it has four years of built-up c**p so I scrubbed more after removing paper towel. Happy days.

"Yes, there are plenty of products down cleaning aisles that can do the same. This is just using basic household products. Happy cleaning everyone."

Others who had also seen the video were left stunned by her success, as one wrote: "I saw this one and wondered if it actually worked!! Good job."

Users on TikTok have also shared their own efforts when trying it themselves, showing similar results as people branded the cleaning hack 'magic'.

Video courtesy of Dan Shaba

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