Woman gets 'grubby' car seats looking good as new in just 15 minutes using foam hack

When it comes to our cars, many of us will regularly visit the garage for a wash to keep the outside looking sleek and shiny.

But do you make as much effort to keep the interior looking lovely?

If your seats are looking a little dirty and in need of some TLC, then don't worry, one woman has got you covered.

Joanne Dunston, from Warrington, has gone viral on Facebook after sharing her simple hack for getting 'grubby' car seats looking good as new - and it only took her 15 minutes to do.

To try the hack for yourself, you'll need two common bathroom items - shaving foam and an old toothbrush.

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The 57-year-old management accountant showed how her car seats were initially stained with rain, plaster dust and 'general yuck'.

She decided to test out a hack she'd seen, taking a £1 bottle of Gillette shaving foam and spraying it directly onto the car seats.

This was then massaged in with her hands, before being given a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush and leaving it for 15 minutes.

Joanne then used warm water and a clean microfibre cloth to remove the foam.

To her delight, the mucky seats were transformed – looking good as new once again.

She said: "I’ve shocked myself to be honest, it’s turned out amazing.

"I squirted – what I now realise was a bit too much! – shaving foam on both driver and passenger seat, I rubbed it in with my hand first to fully cover the seats.

"I then went and got an old toothbrush and just gently went over the seats with it, effectively rubbing the foam into the seats.

Woman gets 'grubby' car seats looking good as new in just 15 minutes using foam hack

"I then left it for 15 minutes, took a bowl of warm water and two clean microfibre cloths back out with me.

"I did have to take the excess foam off by hand, I had put that much on, and then I rinsed one of the cloths in the warm water, wring it out as much as possible and just wiped the foam off the seats.

"I kept rinsing the cloth as necessary, then just went over with the dry cloth."

Joanne shared the easy tip on Facebook, writing: "So, after reading the shaving foam tip and being embarrassed for months about my car seats, I decided to give it a go!

"WOW, thank you, thank you! So, this is a mix of rain, water spilt and plaster dust and general yuk!

"I had little knowledge of how to use shaving foam……until today, I got it everywhere!

"For anyone asking how I did this, I bought Gillette shaving foam from Asda £1! Put a bit too much on, wiped it over the chair and then went over it gently with toothbrush (an old one).

"I left it for 15 mins and wiped it off with a damp microfibre cloth...job done! So easy it’s unbelievable!"

More than 8,000 people have liked the post, with thousands taking to the comments section vowing to try it for themselves.

One person said: "Amazing never thought of doing my car seats! Thanks for pics absolutely fab job well done."

"Very impressive!" another replied.

Someone else added: "Wow it's a different colour and everything, I thought they look light grey no Donna sky blue wow incredible I'm trying this thank you."

A different user proclaimed: "I need to try this on my car seats."

While a fifth wrote: "This really amazes me. All the nasty stains you get on ur car seats. It’s great to know there’s a cheap way of cleaning them. Well done to the person who discovered this."

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