TV Ghost Hunter Claims He Was ‘Strangled’ By Evil Spirit, Left ‘Gasping for Air’

TV Ghost Hunter Claims He Was ‘Strangled’ By Evil Spirit, Left ‘Gasping for Air’

A ghost hunter was left "gasping for air" after being allegedly attacked by a spirit.

Paranormal investigator Barri Ghai claims he was choked while confronting a ghost — named George, apparently — on the Discovery+ series Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted.

The ghost hunters were inside 80's pop star Toyah Wilcox's home in Pershore, Worcestershire, U.K. when the attack supposedly went down.

Ghai and his colleagues were spooked after hearing violent growls on his recording device. Then Ghai claimed he was "strangled" by a ghost, according to the Mirror.

TV Ghost Hunter Claims He Was ‘Strangled’ By Evil Spirit, Left ‘Gasping for Air’

While trying to speak with George — who they believe was a soldier during the English civil war in the 1600s — the spirit seeker could be seen grabbing at his throat before frantically running out of Wilcox's attic.

"Something just grabbed my windpipe," Ghai declared. "F---ing scared the s--t out of me."

"I couldn't get breath in, that's what scared me," he added. "I thought I was gonna die. I actually thought I was going to die."

His co-ghost hunter Jayne Harris tried to reason with the ghost, asking if they could "step away please," telling them: "You do not have permission to do that. Step away from Barri."

Later in the episode, a shaken Ghai recalled the vicious attack to Wilcox. "Straight away we got some kind of indication that there was a bit more of an aggressive male energy that was very dominant up there," he said."I was talking, and all of a sudden my windpipe was constricted."

Wilcox is an English musician and actress. The 63-year-old has released over 20 albums and eight Top 40 singles in the U.K. She's also written two books.

According to her official website, she "has experienced persistent paranormal activity in her Worcestershire home ever since she moved in 20 years ago," which is why she sought help from Ghai and his crew.

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