Spring clean your wardrobe in coronavirus lockdown with these expert tips

Most of our clothes never get worn – they just hang there, ­clogging up our ­wardrobes.

It’s estimated that the average adult only wears a fifth of what they own, so why not use the lockdown to have a good closet clear-out?

We’re here to tell you how with some expert tips...

Begin by removing everything from your wardrobe. Pile items on to your bed as this will force you to complete the task in one day without getting distracted.

Separate your clothes into two piles – those you are going to wear over the summertime and bulky winter coats and jumpers you won’t need for the next few months.

Large items can be stored in vacuum pack bags to save space.

If you have the space put these bags in a spare cupboard.

You can repeat these steps with your summer wardrobe later in the year when the seasons change and you have to pack away bikinis and shorts.

Take advantage of having an empty wardrobe and give it a full clean and vacuum. Spray the inside of your wardrobe with a moth repellent such as Natural Anti-Moth Linen Spray with Natural Essential Oils, £22 (totalwardrobecare.co.uk).

Alternatively, make your own repellent by filling cotton jewellery bags with dry herbs such as mint or rosemary, or soak cotton balls in scented oils such as ­eucalyptus, cedarwood or lavender. Place them in the corners of your cupboard and replace every couple of months.

Use a full-length mirror and try on all your clothes. Create a pile of what you want to keep and put to one side any items that need to be cleaned, repaired or altered.

Make sure you get these items sorted before you put them back in your wardrobe, otherwise they will hang there unwearable, taking up precious space.

Go through your shoes to check if any need to be resoled and heeled. Put these to one side for when cobblers are open again.

Spring clean your wardrobe in coronavirus lockdown with these expert tips

Pack worn-out clothes into a bag so they are ready for recycling.

Even if you don’t wear an item of clothing, if you have an emotional attachment to a garment you should definitely keep it.

Perhaps it’s your old wedding shoes or a dress you wore to a special occasion that no longer fits.

Pack them away in a bag or box (you can even include a photo of you wearing it if you have one) and put them in the loft or a cupboard.

It’s important to recognise those special outfits – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with nostalgia – but they shouldn’t be taking up space in your wardrobe.

Create a pile of everything you’ve not worn for two years, no longer like, or clothes that simply don’t fit.

Stop thinking about ­slimming back into clothes. If you’re a different size these days, treat yourself to something new.

Everything in your wardrobe should work for you right now. Decide if you’re going to sell your unwanted items on eBay (see our guide, right) or donate them to charity shops once they reopen.

Pack your clothes into separate bags ­accordingly and make time to ­photograph the clothes you’re planning on selling.

Hang by garment type, so all dresses, trousers and skirts stay together. Create a separate section for partywear.

Make sure you hang everything on the correct hangers. Clips for trousers and skirts will help to keep your rail neat and clothes in excellent condition.

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Knitwear should be folded flat to avoid pulls and shoulders going out of shape. Invest in care tools such as a lint roller and fabric bobble remover.

Colour-coordinate your sections to help you find an outfit quickly.

If you have any pricey pieces, make sure you look after them. Designer bags come with dust covers to help you to keep them in mint condition.

Operate a “one in, one out” policy to help you keep a handle on your wardrobe.