'Rust' shooting prompts bill requiring actors to take gun safety training

The 1st comments by Mr. Jacob's nailed it. It really is no more complicated than that. There are a set of strict rules (read them after this very preventable tragedy occurred) for use of firearms on movie/television productions and these regulations were pretty much ignored.

'Rust' shooting prompts bill requiring actors to take gun safety training

What you likely have is an inexperienced armorer who is grossly overshadowed/overrun by management (producers/assistant producers/etc) and is basically just a figurehead in the overall scheme of things..... and doesn't have the.... let's call it fortitude.....or experience to take charge of their responsibilities on set. Hence..... "stuff" happens.

Making a new law has good intent, but it doesn't necessarily solve anything. Laws/rules can still be ignored. The author of the bill is probably just responding to some constituents wanting/demanding something be done or just feeling like they have a responsibility to do something to make things better.

Imo, the responsible parties are both "management" and the armorer (and possibly assistant director) and need to be held accountable. If I were an "armorer" for film I'd likely be fired, because I'll be damned if anyone on set is going to override me or my authority as armorer when it comes to the firearms and the safety of using them. I don't care (period) who they are.... Costner, Cruise, Jolie.... I don't care.... they walk on 2 legs, just like me, but it's my responsibility. Like I said, I'd probably be fired.

Very long time hunter, shooter, reloader, and NRA instructor from central Indiana.